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Ramon Charles

Simforian Hello I am Ramon Charles Nadado. I come from a middle class family. I am currently married and have two children. During my days in elementary school I have had to transfer twice. During my first grade I was in New Era University, during the second I went to La Salle Green Hills, and for the rest of my elementary school days I studied in Lourdes School of Mandaluyong till my time in highschool. I went back to New Era University for college. My hobbies are watching movies and animes, reading manga and novels, and listening to music.The Philippines has had a history of many problems which are still happening today and are causing many problems for the Filipino people. One of these problems, and not to mention the biggest one, is corruption which leads to the other problem of poverty. Another one of the problems are the environmental problems which are causing many of us to have diseases that we are not able to treat because we are not able to prevent them these diseases from multiplying. The last problem is about the economy of the community, this problem is also caused by corruption.I plan to conduct projects that will help us rise from these problems step by step. But first I will need the support of you Filipino citizens and God so that I have a reason and an inspiration for doing these things. I can try to stop corruption by having an election for new government officials which the people of the lower and middle class will decide upon to improve their welfare. To improve the situation of the environment which can also improve the situation of the people, I will have cleaning drives to help decrease pollution and have more hospitals built in provinces.

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Prejudice In Organizations Essay

?Question 2: Prejudice can be hurtful and destructive – discuss how you can personally reduce prejudice in your workplace – please provide an example. Prejudice can be described as a word which is derived from the Latin word Prae Judicium meaning ‘to try in advance’ (Clawson et al: 1990). Prejudice happens when we pre-judge individuals on first encounter about their character or appeal. Most individuals who are prejudiced are usually rigid in their prejudices and their beliefs are unsubstantiated. Prejudice can create serious tension in an organization because it has the potential to strain interpersonal relationships in a workplace. People can practice prejudices in various forms. Some of the areas of potential prejudice could be gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and physical disabilities. Prejudices can be systematically dealt with in the workplace. I work for one of the United Nations (UN) agencies. The UN has noted and is mindful of potential prejudices that can exist in the workplace, especially that the workplace is made up of employees from various countries, backgrounds, ethnic groupings, varying religious beliefs (including atheists), sexual orientation, races and as an organization, The organisation has a very diverse workforce. This diversity has not been ignored. The UN has taken deliberate steps to introduce workplace policies that encourage tolerance amongst employees and in turn, tolerance in the communities in which we serve. The policies are part of the orientation package for every new employee who joins the UN. There are Executive Directives (EXDs) that are issued and reviewed on an ongoing basis. In the current directive, disagreement between a staff member and supervisor is not considered as prejudice. The policies are clear on the definition of prejudices and also on the consequences of perpetuating the vice. If I were to be found in a work environment where prejudices are rife, I would first of all admit that prejudices are real and we all have some form of prejudices. The first step to deal with a problem is to admit that you have one. You can only begin to work on one’s prejudices once they realize they have them, and they can begin to work more carefully with the prejudices of others without anger and force (Clawson et al: 1990). It’s a realization that we all have them that helps us to deal with them. Members of staff in an organization, must be allowed to deal with perceived prejudices. It is not advisable to pretend that the problem does not exist as it becomes difficult to deal with a hidden or unperceived problem. Once the problem has been identified, then comes the process of working on your own as well as the prejudices of others in the organisation. This can be achieved through redirecting prejudiced statements by colleagues towards functional discrimination e. g. instead of lamenting how a workmate or subordinate is not achieving her objectives because she is a woman, this can be countered by a statement that shows how previously, a male colleague had also failed in a similar position to show that, gender has nothing to do with functioning in a position. For prejudices which are merely based on ignorance like â€Å"all Muslims are terrorists†, it would be helpful to team up Muslim staff members and some of the staff members who are holding on to this kind of prejudice. That way, it allows them to interact at a personal level and get the truth about Islam. If this doesn’t work, then interactions between such colleagues should either be kept to the minimum or topics of discussion should stir away from sensitive issues. I would also learn to listen to others with an open mind, not listening with an intention to respond as this is likely to attract judgmental behaviour. In a multi ethnic organisation, learning about the cultures of other countries helps us be more tolerant. People are more likely to react in a certain way because of the environments they have been brought up in. Prejudices will always exist in organisations, it would therefore helpful to encourage tolerance among employees, this can be achieved through deliberate company policy, sensitisation and clear consequences for behaviour promotes prejudice.

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Family and Family Imprints Essay

Family plays an important role in the personal as well as professional development of a human being. Since a person spends nearly 12 hours a day in the company of the family members, each and every family member leaves a strong imprint on the mind of the person. A child learns the good and the bad habits from the parents and the siblings. It is not only the verbal communication that is used as a source of education at home, which creates an imprint on the individual, but also the non-verbal communication adopted by the family members, which influences the mental and physical growth of the individual. Positive attributes like discipline, tolerance, and diligence are often acquired by noticing the father, while the positive traits, such as patience, politeness, and humility are acquired from the mother. Similarly, the siblings help each other in completing various tasks at home and in helping one another to reach full potential. While living with my family members comprising my father, mother, and a 2-year old younger sister, I have imbibed good qualities that have left imprints on my mind. This paper highlights the imprints left on me by each family member who continues to inspire me even today. Discussion According to the National Institutes of Health (2006), the background of the family leaves a strong imprint on the development of a child, which is significantly higher than the development process of a child in a daycare center. Although the daycare centers enable a child to develop social, learning, and communication skills, the imprints left on the child’s psyche are far greater during the growth phase of the child in the company of family members at home. I can vividly recall my childhood when my father and mother would drop me at the daycare center while going to their respective offices. Even though they felt the pain of separation while leaving me at the daycare center, they had no other option as they were both working to sustain the needs of our family. In spite of their duties at work, they compensated for the missing parental love by hugging, kissing, playing, and sharing the jokes with one another. My father has led a disciplined life and motivates me to live a disciplined life as well. He has been a practitioner rather than a preacher because he wakes me up at 5 in the morning and takes me for a brisk morning walk in the park. He has a good physique and is a creative thinker due to his spiritual way of living. We do exercises to stretch the body and prepare it to work throughout the day. Besides, my father also does breathing exercise during special meditation session, but I have been able to learn this advanced technique only partially. However, I must assert that I have been able to live a healthy life due to the regular routine taught to me by my father. My father has been a kind-hearted man as he always tries to help the needy and even volunteers in the hospital on the weekends. Since I am mostly preoccupied with my studies, I participate in the community health camps where I donate blood regularly. As a result of my interaction with my father, I have imbibed good problem solving and time management skills, which continue to help me reach my goals. I have self-esteem and a strong will to achieve the desired goals, and these qualities are due to the imprints of my father. My mother has a good physical and mental health, but she prefers to do the stretching as well as breathing exercises at home only because she has to complete the daily housekeeping jobs also. After completing the housekeeping work and taking shower, she calls all of us for a prayer to the Almighty God. We have a small place in the bedroom where my mother, father, my younger sister, and I worship God through chanting of hymns. It is because of these ten minutes we spend during our prayer in the morning that helps us to work morally and diligently. My mother has always been patient, cool, tolerant, calm, and generous. I can see the glow on her face due to her faith in God and her persistent efforts to live a satisfied life. Although I am ambitious and want to achieve fame in my life, I have never allowed myself to lose my temper when difficulties pose challenges in my career path. The imprints of my mother continue to inspire me to live morally even though temptations may arise every now and then. I am grateful to my mother for helping me live truthfully and according to the ethics of the profession. It is said that child is the father of man, and I also support this statement because I learn good values even from my 2-year old younger sister. She is always smiling and radiates her happiness to all of us. My mother, father, and I try to give all the comforts to her. To retain the smile and happiness of my younger sister, I change her nappies and give baby food to her, which is prepared by my mother. It is the collective responsibility that is demanded by my sister, and I need to confess that we all strive to give the best things of life to her. As an important member of the family, I consider my responsibility to take good care of my sister. I think that I am able to practice my education at school by maintaining hygienic standards of living for my sister in the house. My sister has made me more responsible and attentive. Moreover, I have developed good teamwork skills as my mother, father, and I work together to give good care to my little sister. Conclusion My family is a cohesive unit that comprises me, my father, my mother, and my 2-year old younger sister. We have been working as a united group to help each other accomplish the daily work. The imprints of my father, mother, and sister have enabled me to develop personally and professionally as I have imbibed problem solving, time management, creative thinking, and teamwork skills. Besides, my family has helped me to live morally and with self-esteem. References National Institutes of Health. (2006). Family Characteristics Have More Influence On Child   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Development Than Does Experience In Child Care. Retrieved June 6, 2010, from

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Thelma & Louise and Do The Right Thing Movie Review

Thelma & Louise and Do The Right Thing - Movie Review Example Women never had to worry about the absence of home and Thelma & Louise makes this concrete in the concept that their journey is not about finding a home at the end, but escaping the suffocation of patriarchal domination. This domination that begins at home commences from the opening frames of the film. Thelma is quite literally under the thumb of a domineering husband. Louise's situation is revealed to be that of submission to the prevailing order that places men in control and women as servants; she works as a waitress. The film quickly locates home not as a place to which most women would long to return, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but as burden to escape. There is nothing specifically peculiar to the early 1990s in this regard; the film could be made today or could it have been made in the 1930s as a Warner Brothers gangster film. As the sign in the original Scarface promises Tony Camonte: The World is Yours. Thelma & Louise, then, fits more closely into the gangster movie genre than the buddy picture as they too come to believe and pursue that ultimately empty promise. In the buddy movie, the men have it all from the beginning. Even if they have nothing, it is still a man's world so they still have the upper hand. The gangster genre presents a man's world as well, but the dominant theme in that genre that is missing from many buddy movies is the establishment of authority. Thelma & Louise do not embark upon a journey to locate home; the climax proves there is no home in America that is not a return to the status quo. Their overwhelming desire is to, just for a brief period, assign domination to the matriarchy. The drive over the cliff is a validation of their acknowledgement that such domination can only be fleeting in America and it is also an acknowledgement of their refusal to return home to the burden of submission to that male domination. Thelma & Louise is such a disturbing portrait of the realities of American society because the two characters are drawn with such complexity. It might be easier to accept their tragic fate if there mere ster eotypes of women commonly referred to as doormats; if they were women who'd been victims of domestic abuse. The fact that Thelma and Louise are intelligent, engaging, beautiful women only serves to underline the fact that patriarchal dominance is systemic in America. Do the Right Thing is the most incendiary, honest, and unflinching portrait of race relations in American film history. Most importantly, the film avoids the trap of suggesting that racial tensions exist entirely within a vacuum constructed on the concept of prejudice as some kind of genetic predisposition. It may be all too easy for viewers of Do the Right Thing to overlook the fact that from what can be gathered, this multiracial community in New York City for the most part seems to have gotten along quite well for decades. The violence escalates not as a result of mindless racial hatred; the encroaching racism is ignited by the disparity in economic power between the haves and have-nots. The opening credits set the stage for a showdown with the subversive lyrics to the rap song "Fight the Power." The power will wind up being Sal, the businessman, and the police who are charged with the protecting the interest of business rather than the people's

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Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Proposal - Essay Example This study therefore intends to study the factors that serve as barriers to communication between the universities in the developing countries, which ultimately adversely affects knowledge and information publications from such institutions. The study will rely on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the factors in order to establish the level to which the specific factors serve as hindrances to effective communication between the universities in the developing countries. Besides studying the particular factors that negatively affect the communication processes between the universities in third world countries, this study focuses at proposing possible recommendations that would be effective in addressing the challenges and the accompanying effects. Background literature Inaccessibility or difficulties in sharing and accessing research information in developing countries have had great attention in the past and it is widely accepted that universities in such countries have poor frameworks to enhance the sharing of information, which is a critical factor to consider in education development (Torero and Braun, 1-4). Burnett argues that despite the many problems that developing countries such as many of African countries face are continued problems in sanitation, poverty, high illiteracy levels as well as limited opportunities of education among others. However, through a qualitative study, he reasons that the most efficient way to address such problems as they face the countries is not through donor aid but rather through educational empowerment of such countries. He points out that the long-term effect of enabling easy flow of information as well as knowledge in the institutions of learning is creation of empowered workforce through education and skills, which would be useful in shaping the course of the nations. The sharing of knowledge and information between the developing countries enable them to find appropriate solutions to their own problems. This is therefore the importance of enhancing information sharing especially within the research institutions such as the universities. The study affirms that many of the third world countries are gradually acknowledging the importance of development of formal cannels for sharing information especially concerning higher education information (Burnett, 1-10). A report by Hennessy and team presents the comprehensive findings from literature review by Aga Khan University and other institutions in East Africa confirms the importance of ICT in the entire system of education with special attention to higher education. Among other findings from the literature reviewed was that incorporation of ICT in education institutions would facilitate aids I establishing e-learning resources, which in actual sense would ease the mechanism of sharing of information from one institution to another. ICT is a critical instrument that has been exploited by developed countries to enhance sharing of information as well as the e-learning resources and as such has been proven effective concerning the exchange of information

Leadership Approach of Habermas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Leadership Approach of Habermas - Essay Example The essay "Leadership Approach of Habermas" talks about the leadership theories that comprise of all the factors that are helpful in making a good leader and particularly the Habermas Approach. The main subject matter of the Great Man theory is that the leaders have inherent qualities of leadership from their birth and those qualities can not be injected into any ordinary person. The term ‘Great Man’ is used because at that time it was mainly referred to the male military leaders and it portrayed them as mythical heroes. The trait theory of leadership have few similarities with the previously discussed Great Man theories, it emphasizes on certain qualities that a leader possess. Those qualities are the factors that make a good leader and they are identified from the behavior and personalities of great leaders. The theory had limitations in explaining the fact what if any ordinary person possesses those qualities but he is not a leader. The contingency theory of leadership has its focus on the specific environmental variables which determines the leadership style according to the circumstances. The theory emphasizes that there is no particular style of leadership which can suit in every situation so; the leaders have to be flexible in their style to tackle various situations. The situational theories of leadership emphasize on the choice of action by the leaders which best suits the present situation. Though different leadership styles can be more appropriate in a case of some specific decision makings.

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Historical facts of Texas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Historical facts of Texas - Essay Example In the book, ‘A memoir of a Texas childhood’ by Horton Foote, the themes of poverty, fear, depression, racism, marital strife and injustice are clearly highlighted in the text. The book tells of the author’s early formative years as a child in rural Texas where he grew up in an extended family. In the book, the reader learns of the Foote’s experiences in life, and lessons learnt from his diverse familial relations. Horton was able to experience first hand the physical, emotional, and psychological suffering that slaves had to go through in their life. In the book, the reader is given an insight into his thoughts in the excerpt where he narrates about the slave girl who begged his sister to buy her mother’s freedom (Foote 120). According to Foote, this scenario got Horton thinking about what kind of man his grandfather was because he was a church minister and at the same time involved in the sale of other human beings. Horton is faced with many dilemm as, which are brought about by conflicting loyalties for his friends and family. The theme of racism and inherited wealth comes through when he faced with the making the choice of upholding his family or friends. This is because he had to uphold his family’s legacy as slavers in the perspective of the Ku Klux Klan or to remain friends with his black friends from his childhood (Foote 98). This burden came from the fact that he was part of the people that inherited their grandfather’s estate and assets; therefore, it was their duty to uphold his legacy. The great depression saw Horton strengthen his conviction that America needed to change the way it related to own citizens. This because the great depression, significantly affected their huge farm in Texas because did not want the help of the minorities a fact that was being fueled by racism and discrimination. Horton reasoned that the collective and equal participation of all American citizens in the economy was the onl y way to successful recover from the effects of the depression. Horton’s principles and philosophies made him the first person, in his extended family, to become

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Final Exam Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final Exam Civil War - Essay Example The Missouri contract of 1820 was a warning signal of the civil war that was looming. When Missouri applied for admission in the United States in 1918, people were awakening on the issue of slavery. At that time, the issue of slavery was very sensitive between the southern pro slavery states and Northern antislavery states. Consequently, the requirements set for Missouri’s’ admission suggested that it had to restrict slavery within its boundaries. Moreover, before its admission, the number of slave states and Free states in congress was equal. The admission of Missouri in either category would result in a shift in power. The admission of Maine as a free state, however, resulted in Missouri’s admission as a slave state with all the benefits that the other slave states enjoyed. Later on, the pro slavery Missouri state presented a law, forbidding legislature to free slaves against their masters’ wishes (McDevitt 121). The southern states felt threatened by the rapid growth of power of the Northern states politically and economically. They feared that the Northern states might stall slavery expansion as they had tried before the Missouri Comprise. The Northern legislators wanted to prevent the spread of slavery to the new states. However, Southern legislators wanted the new states to be allowed to carry out slavery (Burgan 6). This and other differences resulted in the civil War (Gallagher 239). As mentioned earlier, the south was predominantly agrarian. They produced tobacco, cotton and other products, which the north used as raw materials in their industries. Since the Northern States were industrialized, they manufactured most goods thereby benefiting most. They invested the revenues collected in economic expansion. On the contrary, the Southern states who were the producers paid high manufacturing tariffs and other shipping costs. They felt exploited by the North because 90% of their revenue at that time went into taxes

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Public law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Public law - Essay Example He is also a controversial figure, often the subject of scrutiny when it comes to human rights issues. He is fervent on the pursuit of human rights as they apply to the laws under the European Convention of 1950. As a high court Judge, his statement regarding the correct terminology to indicate the relationship between the judicial branch of government and other branches of government are certainly subjective. This is so as he possibly views an aspect of government and legislature than many others do not have the opportunity to see first hand. Also, naturally he is in a position to defend his own actions as they pertain to the laws. We will take a closer look at some of the terms and conditions of the Human Rights Act of 1998. The Human Rights Act has been established in order to preserve and protect the basic and legal rights of citizens. This Act is an act of Parliament of the UK. It was officially active as of October 2, of 2000. It is essentially an expansion of the European Convention on Human Rights. It has been established to provide this expansion of the Convention within the UK. It is intended to protect the greater community from corruption or mistreatment by the public bodies that hold power within local and overall government. Furthermore, it is a sort of safety net for the UK higher courts so that problems that arise which are in fact a violation of human rights can be handled within UK courts as apposed to going straight to the European Court of Human Rights. This court is located in Strasbourg. The Human Rights Act is pertinent to all Public bodies, judicial or otherwise with in the United Kingdom. Parliament, when it is acting in legislative capacity, is the only condition to this otherwise all encompassing policy. This act has been placed in order to allow for the enforcement of one’s rights under the European Human Rights Convention. It allows

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Concepts of Race and Ethnicity Essay Example for Free

Concepts of Race and Ethnicity Essay Define the following terms. You may use definitions from the class readings, or from outside sources. If your definitions are from outside sources, cite the source(s) using APA style with in-text citations and a reference list. |Term |Definition | |Ethnicity |a shared cultural heritage, which typically involves common | | |ancestors, language, and religion | |Race |is a socially constructed category of people who share biologi-| | |cally transmitted traits that members of a society define as | | |important. | |Xenophobia |. The fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners. | |Segregation |the physical and social separation of categories of people. | |Assimilation |the process by which minorities gradually adopt cultural | | |patterns from the dominant majority population. | |Pluralism | a state in which people of all racial and ethnic categories | | |have about the same overall social standing | |White privilege | | |Colonialism | | |Racial profiling |in which police or others in power consider race or ethnicity | | |to be, by itself, a sign of probable guilt— illustrates the | | |operation of institutional racism. | Part II: Short Answer Using your course materials, answer the following questions in about 200 words each. Use your own words. Define de facto segregation and de jure segregation, and give an example of each. Which are we most likely to see today? Why? What conclusion do Crutchfeld, Fernandez, and Martinez (2010) come to regarding the presence of bias in the criminal justice system? How has bias in the system changed over time? Give examples of how an individual’s race or ethnicity might impact their experience as a suspect, a perpetrator, and a victim of crime. Describe anti-Chinese immigration sentiment in the 19th century. Compare this to anti-immigration perspectives today. How are they similar? How are they different? Part III: Personal Reflection sing as many words as you consider necessary. Consider the racial and ethnic groups that you belong to. Do you feel that you are knowledgable about the history of those groups? Now consider groups you do not belong to. Is there a group you would like to learn more about? |Worksheet 2 | PAGE 1 | |ETH/125 Version 7 | |. |Worksheet 2 | PAGE 1 | |ETH/125 Version 7 | |.

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Analysis of Indias Advertising Industry

Analysis of Indias Advertising Industry Indian Advertising Industry: An  Introduction Introduction The Indian advertising industry has evolved from being a small-scaled business to a full-fledged industry. The advertising industry is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China. It is estimated that by 2018, the share of ad spend in Indias Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be around 0.45 per cent. The Indian government has given tremendous support to the advertising and marketing industry. Advertising expenditure is likely to increase in the financial sector, driven by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policies which could result in a more favourable business environment. Also, proposed licences for new banks and better market sentiments render the advertising and marketing industry in India a fertile space. Market  size Indias Advertising industry is expected to grow at a rate of 16.8 per cent year-on-year to Rs 51,365 crore (US$ 7.61 billion) in 2016, buoyed by positive industry sentiment and a strong GDP growth of 7 per cent and above. Indias digital advertising market has grown at a fast pace of 33 per cent annually between 2010 and 2015, while spending as a percentageà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ °of total advertising increased to 13 per cent or nearly US$ 1 billion in 2015. Print contributes a significant portion to the total advertising revenue, accounting for almost 41.2 per cent, whereas TV contributes 38.2 per cent, and digital contributes 11 per cent of the total revenue. Outdoor, Radio and Cinema make up the balance 10%. Of the current Rs 2,750 crore (US$ 407.66 million) digital advertisement market, search and display contribute the most search advertisements constitute 38 per cent of total advertisement spends followed by display advertisement at 29 per cent, as per the study. The Internets share in total advertising revenue is anticipated to grow twofold from eight per cent in 2013 to 16 per cent in 2018. Online advertising, which was estimated at Rs 2,900 crore (US$ 429.9 million) in 2013, could jump threefold to Rs 10,000 crore (US$ 1.48 billion) in five years, increasing at a compound annual rate of 28 per cent Advertising agencies in the country too have taken a leap. They have come a long way from being small and medium sized industries to becoming well known brands in the business. Mudra,OgilvyandMathew(OM),McCannEricsonn,Rediffussion,LeoBurnettare some of the top agencies of the country. Indian economy is on a boom and the market is on a continuous trail of expansion. With the market gaining grounds Indian advertising has every reason to celebrate. Businesses are looking up to advertising as a tool to cash in on lucrative business opportunities. Growth in business has lead to a consecutive boom in the advertising industry as well. The Indian advertising today handles both national and international projects. This is primarily because of the reason that the industry offers a host of functions to its clients that include everything from start to finish that include client servicing, media planning, media buying, creative conceptualization, pre and post campaign analysis, market research, marketing, branding, and public relation services. Keeping in mind the current pace at which the Indian advertising industry is moving the industry is expected to witness a major boom in the times ahead. If the experts are to be believed then the industry in the coming times will form a major contribution to the GDP. With al this there is definitely no looking back for the Indian advertising industry that is all set to win accolades from the world over. Advertisement  Spending  Sector  Wise Advertisement  Spending  Sector  Wise Introduction The issue of TV advertising and children has always been quite controversial. In past hundreds of studies have been conducted on this topic. Some of these studies are based on the observation of children in experimental situations. By their use of a non-verbal research method, these studies have the advantage of avoiding misrepresentation caused by some childrens verbal skills whenresponding to verbal tests. The disadvantage of this type of experimental research,however, is that the real-life validity of the results is sometimes quite low. Similarly, research data based on the actual questioning of children should be treated with caution, since younger children especially misunderstand the questions, lack the verbal techniques to provide an adequate answer, or are simply intimidated by the presence of the researcher. In this study, I chose a third method: to obtain evidence related to TV advertising and children by questioning childrens parents. Parental attitudes towards the issue of TV advertising and children are of utmost importance to this issue, given the role played by the parents in a great many aspects of their childrens lives. LITERATURE  SURVEY The marketers and advertisers have shown keen interest on the market segment of childrens product and services; conducted surveys on children television advertising containing trade publications. Involvement of Academicians on the research studies of children research during the period of 1980 was reduced to the amount of publication on the products of children.1 A little publication was done to the childrens television. Investigation had showed that animation which was used to the adult target audience, now using for the children programming especially in the commercials for games, toys, candies, cereals, etc. A study on the content analysis of television advertising of today children has focused on the change or growth in presentation of advertisements over the period. The findings concluded in the study were as: The male voice-over is still predominant in advertising 32 The advertisement which has focused on personal gain to fun and happiness of children, now focused on childrens product performance. In the study conducted on evaluation of research pertaining to children and advertising by Jeffry Gold Slain in four countries namely Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands and Britain; found little evidence to supporting the position that the children are vulnerable to advertising. He opined that the influence of mass media is more on children than on parents and playmates. The argument is that the commercial advertisement creates wants in children and bring pester power on their parents for the products advertisement. In fact, the parents succumb to their childrens demands assuming to be true despite paucity of support evidence. Jeffry Gold Slain believes that the influence of children has come by the advertisers from so many directions which have no critical examination. The Task-force of the American Psychological Association had conducted a study on children and observed that children under the age of 8 years are unable to comprehend critically the televised advertising messages and are prone to accept the advertised messages as truthful, accurate and unbiased. This can lead to unhealthy eating food-habits as evidenced by todays youth obesity epidemic. The Association sums up that advertising targeting children under the age of eight is to be restricted.4 When the cable culture was in rise in India, a study on the impact of television advertising on children in Delhi in 1992 by NamithaUnnikrisnan and ShailajaBajpai has found that: More than 70 per cent of children in the age group of 8 to 15 years want to own products advertised on television 33 Children favourite advertisements included airline advertisement Perception of children about television advertising is one of the most important influencers in childrens lives and watching television more than ever before. Advertisement is only likely to increase with time as television services extend their reach and offer greater viewing option Advertisement targeted children acts powerfully and promotes consumer culture and the values associated with it Advertisement, hence, is an investment for the future and the manufacturers expect high pay-off many times over   Ã‚  

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Importance of Violence in Adrienne Richs Of Woman Born :: Adrienne Rich Of Woman Born Essays

The Importance of Violence in Of Woman Born In cultures as different as Sweden and the Yucatan, women have a part in the decision-making process during their deliveries. The Yucatan midwife emphasizes that 'every woman has to 'buscar la forma,' find her own way, and that it is the midwife's task to assist with whatever decision is made.' This does not mean that births are painless, but that needless pain is prevented, birth is not treated as a 'medical event,' and the woman's individual temperament and physique are trusted and respected." (p.175) Rich both begins and ends her book on the topic of violence to get our attention. Once the realization that something must change has occurred, her ideas are further developed, by implying that with some major change in the patriarchal system this violence may end, and being a mother would not be so difficult. I agree that it can be much better than this dated account of life as a mother, but as the Yucatan midwives have stated, there will still be pain. Rich would agree that woman's individual temperament and physique need to be trusted and respected, but I take it a step further and think that this particular discussion on labor should be a metaphor for the argument of this book. The description of labor and delivery above is the way in which motherhood should be approached, substituting the partner, husband, or friend for the role of the midwife. In this situation patriarchy does not need to fall, a much more attainable goal. By both beginning and ending with violence, Rich is making a statement that these atrocities can be mended or at least should be mended by her proposal of denouncing patriarchy. Not only may this not be possible, but it implies that once the balance of power has been shifted, this violence which is discussed at length could change. Although the balance of power could shift, abusive, violent, and uncaring parents, fathers or mothers, will still exist regardless of who is holding the power, thus leaving the burden of child rearing on the other parent, creating the same situation that we have today. By Rich placing such emphasis on the violence, in a backhanded way she gives hope that with her plan this violence will stop. Since Rich implies a solution to the problem, she, too, is carrying on a myth of sorts.

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The dominant fear about marijuana has been that its effects were somehow similar to the dangerously addictive effects of opiates such as morphine and heroin. Scientists feared that , like opiates, it had an extremely high potential for abuse and addiction. Despite widespread decriminalization of marijuana in the United States in the 1970's, this concern has remained the basis for federal law and policies regarding the use and study of marijuana. But the discovery of THC receptor sites in the brain refutes that thinking and may force scientists to re-evaluate their positions. The 1988 discovery of the THC receptor site in the brain was the pivotal event which led to the legalization of marijuana. The receptor breakthrough occurred in 1988 at the St. Louis University Medical School where Allyn Howlett, William Devane, and their associates identified and characterized a cannabinoid receptor in a rat brain. Receptors are binding sites for chemicals in the brain, chemicals that instruct brain cells to start, stop, or otherwise regulate various brain and body functions. Before this discovery, no one knew for sure just how the psychoactive chemical in marijuana workes on the brain. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, researchers made tremendous strides in understanding how the brain works by using receptor sites as switches which respond to various chemicals by regulating brain and body functions. The chemicals which trigger receptors are known as neurotransmitters. The brain's neurotransmitters are known as endogenous ligands. In many instances, drugs mimic thes e natural chemicals working in the brain. Scientists are just now confirming their determinations as to which endogenous ligands work on the cannabinoid receptors. It is likely that the neurotransmitter which naturally triggers cannabinoid receptors is one known as anandamide. Many important brain functions which affect human behavior involve the neurotransmitter dopamine. Serious drugs of abuse such as heroin and cocaine, interfere with the brain's use of dopamine in manners that can seriously alter an individual's behavior. A drug's ability to affect the neural systems related to dopamine production has now become the defining characteristic of drugs with serious abuse potential. The discovery of a previously unknown system of cannabinoid neural transmitters is profound. While century-old questions such as why marijuana is nontoxic are finally being answered, new fascinating questions are emerging. In the words of Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first isolated the structure of THC, "Why do we have cannabinoid receptors?

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The Iron Wall Essay -- Religion Government Church State Essays

The Iron Wall When reading the famous American magazine Time, you see a picture of President Bush with his cabinet praying. This is not a special occasion, but rather a daily prayer that begins his administration workday. It is not uncommon to see religious demonstrations and creeds throughout our society. Our money has â€Å"In God we Trust† and our schools daily pledge states, â€Å"†¦One nation under God†¦Ã¢â‚¬  We take oaths under the Bible and are sworn in with it. It would be foolish to believe that our founding fathers did not have a spiritual side to them. It would be even more naà ¯ve to believe that our sense of being does not come out in our writing; therefore, our nation was delivered on religious foundations and it remains today in all of the different political factions. Although the belief is that our founding fathers when creating the constitution were not trying to create a nation that was completely separate from religious beliefs. They did not want to mix church and state due to fears of a government that would not function as designed. They came from lands in which they were persecuted and religious leaders possessed too much authority in political affairs and they created threats to civil liberties. â€Å"Persecution is not an original feature in any religion, but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law.† (Thomas Paine) It is lucid to see the fears of an established state religion, but does freedom to excercise it and establishing it often mixed today? The First Amendment has always guaranteed our civil liberties, but the judicial branch is believed to have guided their interpretation too narrow and strict in fear of losing their iron wall. Society today, portrayed from the court... ...e free speech rights of students involved in Christian groups. It found that the school had violated those rights when it refused to pay for the printing of the Christian’s group’s newspaper; even though, it paid for the publications of a wide range of other student organizations. The fight for our rights has clearly taken a stronger turn more recently in our country. The obvious errors of government officials are being overturned and our schools are being forced to recognize our inalienable rights of freedom and liberty that comes from the first amendment. The laws of today are meant to protect us and keep control, but even laws can enslave men if not fair. And who decides fair? The same people who tell us how the laws should be enforced, so maybe it’s time to question if we are really free, and not just remain trapped behind an Iron Wall!

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Live Earth

This week the biggest news about the environment are the Live Earth concerts scheduled across the globe.   Former Vice President Al Gore’s vision of an international musical effort to fight global warming has been big news for moths with musical acts like The Police and Smashing Pumpkins kicking off their reunion tours at the concerts. The problem with the media coverage of this even has been that it is mostly superficial. Sting’s announcement that The Police would use the concert to kickoff their reunion tour was bigger news than Gore’s efforts to find a way to plan a concert in Antarctica, so that all seven continents would host one of the concerts. The concerts are being billed as a chance to get 2 billion people together to raise awareness about global climate change, but the reality is very little about the concerts seem to be promoting global environmental awareness. However, Live Earth does seem to be promoting a sort of international relations above and beyond the governments of nations.   Though many of the concerts are in countries which are American allies, at least in some fashion, Gore has gone out of his way to include some big names that are in need of a climate wake up call. Live Earth China, in Shanghai, is in one of the fastest growing emitters of greenhouse gases. Live Earth Australia in Sydney will be under a hole in the ozone layer, but no one seems to be mentioning that. They are more interested in the reunions of Genesis and Spinal Tap at Wembley Stadium. The remarkable thing from an international relations stand point is that it pulls together musical artists from all over the world and all genres of music. Unfortunately, the international relations that it seems to be fostering are all feel good relations and require no actual effort from anyone involved. They simply have to show up and be entertained by some of the world’s top musicians and maybe listen to a few minutes of factoids about global climate change. In reality, the Live Earth concerts appear to be doing little to promote actual environmental awareness or international relations. Instead, it seems to be little more than an excuse for an international day of music. There is nothing wrong with promoting peace and environmental awareness through music, but Live Earth seems like a farce.

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Fuzzy logic in car safty

Car safety issues are wide-reaching problem. This problem is mainly due to human driving which involves reaction times, delays, and Judgment errors that may affect traffic flow and cause accidents. In some cases, the cause of the accident is distraction on the part of the driver and failure to react in time. Even in some cases, it could be cause by environmental factors (Song, 2005). Advanced system of auxiliary functions has been developed to help avoid such accident and minimize the effects of collision should one occur.Fuzzy logic provides tools for dealing with imprecision, which is fundamental to many engineering problems. The level of safety in our society could be archived by applying fuzzy logic control system. Fuzzy logic control technique has become an active area of research in the application of industrial processes, which are not friendly to straight control techniques. It attempts to emulate human mind for checking the processes parameters and to take decisions regardin g the control action (Eugene, 1985).Fuzzy control become a huge industry in Japan and other countries where it was adapted into home appliances such as scum cleaners, microwaves ovens, video cameras, washing machines, etc. A fuzzy controller acts or regulates by means of rules in a more or less natural language, based on the distinguishing feature: fuzzy logic. On the other hand, to reduce car accidents we are going to examine a system, which makes the drivers, pay more attention and alert them before an accident takes place.Because of this, we shall acknowledge the digital systems because they are easier to handle with, so the first thing in the development is to convert all variations in the car environment into digital signals without any changes. The ultrasonic transmitter circuit sends its vibrations in front of car, when these vibrations reflected the ultrasonic receiver circuit would take these vibrations and amplify it. Moreover, send it to the microelectronic, which can com pute the distance between the car and anything in front it (as shown in the figure 1 below).At the same time, the Infrared ‘R) circuit senses the round of the wheel and sends it signal to the microelectronic, which can compute the car speed. After that, the microelectronic sends the output signal to the speaker and The LCD. In addition, of these output devices the microelectronic sends output data to a personal computer using the serial port. Figure 1: Overview of the used hardware; copied figure (from Journal of Computer science 4 (1 2): 1061-1063, 2008]) We shall consider developing level of safety under three steps, which are: Defining level of safety Calculating each degrees of risk between two vehicles, and Combining these degrees to level of safety with average speeds in some divisions (Method et al, 2001). In the other hand, to ascertain the danger degrees of each car, and the base elements, fuzzy sets and their membership functions, are define by using survey data and degrees of risk (Chunk, 2003). In addition, if-then rules of inference engine are made by rough set theory.Conclusively, to get the level of safety in some divisions, fuzzy membership function values of each safety result is averaged, and a method to et ‘Level of Safety based on these degrees relates with an average of safety speeds is suggested. Definition of Level of Safety Safety being a wide-reaching problem, has gained various definitions from several authors. The level of safety in a road division means the grades, which people feel about the possibility to experience, rear-end collision including relentlessness in the division (Song, 2003).This definition is composed of three elements related with roads in themselves, driving behaviors in this road, and relation between drivers and roads. These three factors are mix in microscopic driving behaviors on roads, and five gyroscopic traffic condition variables are selected such as velocity and acceleration of lead and follow ing cars, and the gap distance between these cars divided the minimum safety distance (Method et al, 2001). The minimum safety distance (MS) is the distance that following car needs to avoid a rear-end collision.The traffic condition in itself can be included into velocity, drivers' behaviors are able to be included into oscillations of accelerations in every two seconds, and degree of risk in the system can explain the gap distance divided the minimum safety distance (MS). Where, : following Car speed Response time : Possible deceleration rate However, these results are not level of safety but risk degrees of two Cars (Fuller, 2005). Definition of Fuzzy Sets and Membership Function The member functions are divided into speed fuzzy sets and acceleration fuzzy sets (Method et al, 2001).Speed fuzzy sets are composed of three sets, ‘high speed', ‘medium speed', and ‘low speed'. Their membership functions are based on macroscopic traffic condition data and number of ac cident. Acceleration fuzzy sets also consist of three sets, ‘positive acceleration', ‘no acceleration', and ‘negative acceleration', and membership functions, which are based on microscopic field, survey data and maximum and common acceleration rates of vehicles. The gap distance/MS sets are divided into three fuzzy sets, ‘more than 1', ‘around 1', and ‘less than 1' using microscopic data.The combined danger degrees are about from 0. 4 to 0. 55 that corresponds to common situation defined in fuzzy set, and this result means that people drives more or less safely bearing some anger because there are possibility to happen accidents in traffic condition in itself but drivers believe that they can response properly to a danger situation. Moreover, this result shows that there are some danger situations n each two vehicle, but in road divisions, the danger degrees become normalized.Figure 3: Relation between Speed and Danger Degrees For this reason, â €˜Level of Safety should not include the combined danger degree directly, and should be deducted from relationship between speeds as well as danger degrees. In order to find their relation, pairs of average speed and danger degree are, shown in figure 3. We find that danger degrees are low in low speed level and high in fast speed level, and the level of change is not high in low and rapid speed situations. However, in medium speed case, danger degrees are increase vapidly, and there are two points of inflection.If danger degrees do not change rapidly, drivers would react properly because their expectations to the road conditions are fixed, but if they change fast, the situation on a road division would be dangerous because the expectation of drivers cannot be fix. Consequently, the simple possibility of accidents depends on the grades of change in danger degrees, and the severity depends on the quantity of danger degrees. Conclusively, this seminar suggests ‘Level of Safet y such as in Figure 4. First, range of Level of Safety in which relentlessness and possibility of accident is high is defined as Very dangerous situation', E.Similarly, that of range which relentlessness or possibility is high is suggested as ‘dangerous situation', D, and which relentlessness and possibility is usual as ‘common situation', C, and which possibility is low and relentlessness is high as ‘safe situation', B, and which possibility and relentlessness is low as Very safe situation', A, these are shown in Table 3 below. Finally, relation of danger degrees and average speeds develops the intercepts of each level of safety, UT it needs to be more precisely define by further study based on more investigation.Table 3: Level of Safety Definition The possibility The severity The range(km/hrs) Very safe -18 c 25-40 (or) High 18-25, 40-53 53-63 Figure 4: copied figure (from [Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies]) 8. 0 CONCLUSION This seminar work shows how the system provides a solution to decrease the car accidents by giving the drivers more time to avoid the accidents. Adjusting the sensitivity and the accuracy for the measuring circuits is important to ensure that the assured parameters represent its actual values.The use of microelectronic makes it possible to implement the system with less hardware components. The microelectronic, FISTICUFF was chosen among all the other microelectronics because of its low-cost and small size. In addition, we evaluated safety degrees on a road division, and suggest ‘Level of safety. The method to develop ‘Level of Safety from degrees of danger and combined using fuzzy theory, and we combined danger degrees to define level of service with average speeds. This is the first trial to define

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Palmal Group of Industries

Palmal’s Background: Established in the year 1984, Palmal group of industries ensure its quality, standards and is engaged in manufacturing of all kinds of knitted garments. Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder is the founder of company. Now he is present chairman of group. Managing director Mr. Nafis Sikder, son of Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder took the leadership in the year 2001. He is guiding the group with his wide experience and skill. Business Intervention: †¢ Palmal is mainly RMG focused group of industries. Expanding in the areas of knit composite and other backward linkage industries. Palmal’s Vision: Palmal stands behind its garments products with quality assurance. Palmal believes that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. To provide customers with the most comprehensive sourcing, production, design & product development service, guaranteeing quality, competitive pricing & qu ick turnaround times with an excellent professional personalized service. Palmal’s Mission: Palmal’s mission is to be the market leader, in providing clothing from Bangladesh to its customers around the globe. To be a market leader it is committed to develop high quality, sophisticated and deviation-free products in its capacity and make on time delivery to its customers. Objectives of palmal: Palmal has name objective for the development of the society. The objectives of palmal are giving below: 1. To increase the economic development of the country. 2. To create employment opportunity. 3. To play positive in the process of industrial development of Bangladesh. 4. Palmal Assures quality and customer services. Palmal’s Commitment- †¢ Regular production updates to the Importer. †¢ Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to Bangladesh. †¢ Handle orders of any volume, style & color. †¢ Short lead times & in time delivery. †¢ Best quality and first service. †¢ Handle orders of any volume, style & color †¢ Excellent customer service. †¢ Best service from others. †¢ A headache & hassle free one stop solution to Importers †¢ 100% clients satisfaction Corporate Offices of Palmal Groups : | |Due to space constraint, Palmal had to arrange its corporate office in 4 different buildings located in Gulshan-1 area. | |Offices identity |Location | |Corporate Head Office (MD and C. O. O’s Secretariat) |House # 16, | | |Road # 30, Gulshan-1 | |Admin. Compliance Dept. |House # SWB/20, Road # 08, Gulshan-1 | |Comme rcial, Transport, Maintenance, Wal-Mart Sample and |House # 2B, | |Banking |Road # 29, Gulshan-1 | |Mainstream HRM, Factory HR, Sweater Division, Local |Crystal : Point, H # 2, R # 21, Gulshan-1 | |Procurement, Accounts, T&OD Dept. Merchandizing(Partly) | | Board of Directors |Name |Position | |Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder |Chairman | |Mr. Nafis Sikder |Managing Director & CEO | |Mrs. Meherunnesa Haque |Director | |Mrs. Sylvana Sikder |Director | |Mrs. Tajrina Sikder. |Director | |Mr. A. K. M Sazzadul Karim |Director & C. O. O | |Key persons | |Name |Designation | |Mr. Nafis Sikder |Honorable Managing Director | |Mr. A. K. M Sazzadul Karim |Honorable Director & C. O. O | |Mr. Amzad Hossain |Chief advisor to MD | |Mr. Ashith Laxmidas Dayalal |Director (Marketing), Garments Div, | |Mr. Aseem Sood. |Vice president, (Marketing –GAP Div | |Mr. Tahmid Zaman Khan |Director (Marketing), Sweater and AWL | |Mr. Aseem Sood. |Vice president, (Marketing-GAP Div) | |Major Sofiul Azam Chowdhury (Retd) |Director, (Admin. & Compliance) | |Mr. A. A. M. Munir |Director(P. P & Q. A Coord) | |Key Persons | |Name Designation | |Mr. Emdad Hossain |Director (Production) & In-charge, ACML | |Mr. Shakil Rahman |Director (Marketing) | |Mr. Ruhul Amin Siddiqui |General Manager (Commercial) | |Mr. S. A. Nakib |General Manager, HRM | |Mr. Shair Nasser Azad |General Manager (Administration) | |Mr. Kazi A. Muhit |General Manager (Accounts) | |Shelkh Obaidur Rahman |GM-Quality, CSI | |S. M. Sanowar Hossain. |GM-PP & Cord, W*M | |Md. Hossain Ahmed |GM-Quality | Sister Concerns | |Type of Business |No of Concerns | |Garments Factories |20 | |Sweater Factories |02 | |Knit Composite Mills |02 | |Washing Plant |02 | |Embroidery |01 | |Central Store |05 | |Sample Section |05 | |Cutleries Industry |01 | |Total |38 | Corporate strategy of Palmal: To develop a comprehensive strategy for palmal, it integrates the finance, marketing, human resource, accounting, quality, and operations functions. According to the corporate strategy, it carries out all the organization’s functions. Under the corporate strategy, it determines for which customers or clients it will produce product, which new product it will produce in future, which new strategy it will take for international market to survive. Operations strategy: To do its daily activities palmal takes operations strategy. These strategy help palmal to achieve the company’s corporate strategy. By using these strategies, it takes decisions about when the products produce, where it produces the products, how many workers it needs, what are the training requirements of the worker, what is the target level of quality for the products, how should suppliers be selected, what is expected from the suppliers, what types of technology it should be used to develop its product etc? Palmal’s product: This company produces knit garments product especially. The main products of palmal are: Man’s T-shirt | | Sport wear | | Long sleeves polo shirt | | Man’s sweater | | Women’s sweater | | Man ’s jacket | | Women’s jacket | | Corporate uniform | | Baby long sleeve T-shirt | | Baby suit | Technology used in Plamal: Palmal group uses version types of technology to run their daily activities such as – 1. Telephone 2. Fax 3. Entrance control system: This is the system that controls employee entrance and leave employee uses their entry card to enter office. A central computer record employee they use the card and computer saves their leaving time. 4. E-mail: Palmal widely use e-mail. To communicate with its customers and suppliers. They order raw material through e-mail. They also receive order by mail. The employees of Palmal use e-mail to communicate among themselves. This type of communication helps interdepartmental communication. Palmal is not using ERP because management thinks that ERP will disclose confidential data to employers. However, at present its management team have award about the importance of ERP. They are planning to implement ERP in their organization very soon, as they are facing many types of problem not for using ERP. Manufacturing strategy: To produce products palmal applies Make-to-order strategy. After taking the order from the buyers then it produces the product. Therefore, inventory is kept at a minimum level. Strategic vision Manufacturing process: Palmal follows assembly process to produce the product. It collects different finished goods from its suppliers. After collecting various finished goods then it produces a whole product. To produce a shirt as a whole product it collects buttons, nylon fabrics, and such kinds of different finished goods. Different Stitch Number and their applications: Stitch Class |Application | |100 Stitch Class |Basting Button sewing BTN whole spot taking | |Chain Stitch |hamming, belt loops filling | |Blind Stitch | | |200 Stitch Class | | |Back Stitch |To attach laise and elastic | |Catch Stitch | | |Running Stitch | | |300 Stitch Clas s |To lock parts of bodies bottom rolling | |Lock Stitch | | |400 Stitch Class |To attach main seam permanent edges | |Chain Stitch | | |500 Stitch Class | | |Over lock C/S |Surging blind hemming | | |Seaming Surging | | |Break open Surging | Stitching process: All the above stitch used to make any garments. But what stitch will follow in which process will be notified by the buyer. By following that instruction, Palmal can only stitch the garments. Stitch also depends on the process of stitching. For heavy fabric or critical process, the stitch will be different and for the thin fabric and easy style, stitch will not be same. Quality Assurance: Palmal group is highly committed to produce and supply highly quality product to its customers. To produce high quality garments products they collect high quantity raw material from their suppliers. Palmal groups have quality assurance department that is responsible to control and check the quality of raw products from their suppliers. As customers of Palmal group requires high quality products, they emphasis on high quality product. Their production control department ensures production is exactly as approved quality standards. Three or more inspections are carried out during the production process. Initial inspection, checks on fabric, wlor thread and first run of production. Second inspection and final inspection check on products and ensure whole production is up to quality standard. Palmal group believe quality products are the key to repeat business. Turnover of Palmal In 2007: Approximately US$ 100 Millions equivalent to Tk. >700 Cores from Export. In 2008: Approximately US$ 110 Millions from Export. In 2009: Projected Turnover is US$120 Millions from Export [pic] Embroidery CAPACITY: ? 6 threads with different color at the same time. ? 20 lines in each machine ? 650 Stitches per minute. ? Same machine cannot be used for diff. jobs at the same time Why Palmal is the order winner? Palmal’s Knowledge and commitment has made it a multi product company with clients all over the world. It works hard to address the expectations of its customer in an innovative way. It tries to maintain long listing relation with its clients and ensures serving best to them based on following parameters: †¢Ã‚  High Product facility   Sourcing of products from reliable manufacturers at competitive prices   Ã¢â‚¬ ¢Ã‚  Good quality & on time delivery †¢Ã‚  Believes in cost effective productivity †¢Ã‚  Enjoys a reputation for â€Å"clean business practices† †¢Ã‚  Strong network of manufacturers and vendors †¢Ã‚   Regular Supervision of products right from the production to the shipment stage . Ordering system of Palmal: At this time, Palmal does not offer on-line ordering. Before ordering the product clients should communicate with the company through fax, telephone, letter or e-mail. Clients should print out the order form, fill it out completely and send with a check, money order, or credit card information to the address at the offices. They should also send the sample of the product to the company. If everything is favorable for the company then Palmal take the offer from the clients. PALMAL’S CLIENT LIST: It is palmal’s ambition to has a lateral thought process which will help in designing unique and innovative range of apparels. All its endeavors are well appreciated by its clients, which has motivated it to go beyond the expectations of its clients. As an accomplished house, it has clients across the globe. The customer satisfaction it is acquired has led to a strong credibility for UK & Europe in market. It is established its export market in Germany, Italy, France, Bangkok, Mexico, UK, Europe. List of major clients or buyers: | Gap Inc. | WaL*Mart USA | | WaL*Mart Canada | | Charming Shoppes | | New Wave | | GEORGE | | Primark | | Zara | | Nygard | | K. Mart | | SEARS | | TESCO | | TARGET-Stores | | Li & Fung | Suppliers of Palmal: Supplier’s selection criteria of Palmal: To select suppliers Palmal follows some rules. Such as- †¢ Quality-to purchase raw materials from suppliers at first it thinks the quality of the product. Because the future of garments factories heavily depends on quality. †¢ Cost- it thinks about the cost of the raw materials which it will purchase †¢ Delivery-on time delivery is a major to select a supplier †¢ Financial soundness-before purchasing it considers the financial soundness of the suppliers. Kinds of raw materials: Inventory control system of Palmal: Palmal controls inventory to meet its future customers demand. It controls the inventory based on quantity. This system is designed to ensure that an item will be available on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Types of inventory Palmal maintain: Palmal stock some important goods for its future safety. Like- |Nylon fabrics | |Cotton fabrics | |Different kinds of buttons | |Plain Machine | |Button Attach machine | |Chain stitch machine | Palmal’s layout: The factories under the palmal group of industries are designed in such a way so that they can do their work properly. In factories similar machines are grouped together to do work. For example, to sew all sewing machines are grouped together in one area. Cutting sections are separated from other sections to do its cutting work. Inspection sectors are detached from others for checking fabrics. Select a location for a new factory of Palmal: To establish a new factory Palmal basically thinks about- †¢ Trade Zone †¢ Transportation facility †¢ Labor cost †¢ Export – Import facility †¢ Power supplies †¢ Rent †¢ Political environment †¢ Near to the competitor SWOT analysis of Palmal: Palmal group of industries has achieved great success over a short time of period. However, the global market environment for textile and clothing industries is in transitional stage and will change at the end of the phasing out quota. This change in global trade will create new challenges for the company. Therefore, high productivity, free access in backward supply line, shorter lead-time determines the company’s competitiveness. The following analysis of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) concisely sum up the conclusion of the competitiveness of palmal group of industries. Strength- †¢ Low labor cost. †¢ Energy at low price. Easily accessible infrastructure like sea road, railroad, river and air communication. †¢ Excellent Tele-communications network of E-mail, Internet, Fax, ISD, NWD & Cellular services. †¢ Scope for career development. †¢ Country leading Pay Master in RMG Sector. †¢ People developer. †¢ Having fully COMP LINT Factories. †¢ Consider people as â€Å"Resources†. †¢ Avoid discriminations to the best possible extent. †¢ Exercising fair practices in Employment. †¢ Value good workers and avoid troublemakers. †¢ Assure workplace safety. †¢ Factory is located in industrial area where company can enjoy uninterrupted power supply. Labor union is not all owed in the KDS groups since all labor related matters are dealt by KDS industrial area. Factory is able to ratify of their customer in the specific market according to their demand. Weakness – †¢ Lack of marketing tactics. †¢ A small number of manufacturing methods. †¢ Time-consuming custom clearance. †¢ Subject to natural calamities. †¢ Most of the raw materials from abroad, this is cause of high price, which are affected the production cost. Opportunity- Cheap and abundant labor force. Availability of foreign buyer in Steel Products. Palmal has a chance to create his own market by showing the quality of the products and working condition of the factory. To establish a new factory without long term agreement which is also based on the another buyer or customer by showing the new technology which is now at present Threat- Political situation of under developed country like Bangladesh is a major threat for Palmal. Technology is developing day by day. Therefore, technology is also changing rapidly. There is hardly any local source of raw materials Palmal, since backward linkage industries have not been developed in our country. Therefore, it is a threat for Palmal. Awards: For consistence and good product and service provided to their customers, â€Å"Palmal Groups† won several national and international awards. â€Å"National Award†: For their contribution to the national economy and for successful operational activities â€Å"Palmal Groups† achieved President best Performance Award in two consecutive years. International Award: Palmal is always committed to provide their customers with high quality product and service. In return, of their quality maintenances they have got several awards from international buyers. The awards are— Best supplier award from â€Å"Wal-Mart† in 2004, 2006 and 2007 Recommendations & Conclusion: . The company does not apply Operation Research models as well as tools. Initiative steps should be taken to apply Operation Research models as well as tools as early as possible to establish efficiency, productivity, competitive advantages etc. in the company. Palmal should use modern technology and software to develop its productivity and to increase its profit. However, Palmal has strong managerial support for which over a period of last seven years the company’s business growth is more than 300%. ———————– Customer Palmal Society Market Corporate Strategy Marketing functions Financial functions Operation functions Accounting functions Human resource functions Purchasing functions Quality assurance functions Product development functions Customer needs New products Current products Competitive dimensions Best Quality Customization Low price Timely delivery Company’s capabilities: Produce the required products New product development Sales the required products

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Healing Hospital

Healing hospital paradigm is centered on the removal of stress and other health risks for the patients and their families in the hospital environment. Healing hospital paradigm is important because treating a patient’s illness is not the only intrinsic component when they are admitted to the hospital. A good example for this is stress. Stress can be brought about due to many things when a patient is in the hospital, for example painful treatments, financial problems due to being admitted, loss of social life etc.Reducing these sort of stressors may ensure that the patient’s wellbeing is being maintained and the comprehensive care Minimization of these stressors ensures that the patient’s well-being is maintained while the comprehensive care part of the treatment makes certain that the patient’s recovery process is done without breaking confidentiality. The healing hospital paradigm can also be looked as healing the whole patient rather than just curing the ailment (Young & Koopsen, 2006).According to Dr. Milstein, paradigm doesn’t only focus on healing the physical body but â€Å"it aims to enhance the overall well being by addressing the patient’s and their families’ cognitive, emotional and spiritual concerns† (Milstein, 2005). This paper will describe healing hospital paradigm, its impact on the process of care giving and its components expanding on it relationship with spirituality. Components of Healing HospitalBased on the paradigm of healing hospital, Caring for a patient is not limited to only medical interventions and medication but it also includes how the healthcare provider engages the patients and their families to the process of treatment. This theory is based on the notion that both spiritual and emotional wellbeing applies to physical wellbeing. The healing hospital comprise of three major components. The first component is the culture of radical loving care. This may include the kind of ca re the patient receives and the type of conditions he/she is exposed to in the hospital.This component focuses on making the patient comfortable and preparing the patient psychologically for the treatment they would receive. Caregivers most have compassion to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of a patient and not only their physical needs. They most be able to demonstrate loving care and show the patients that they are willing to go the extra mile for them. Being compassionate and showing love can help reduce the stress for the patients and their families, healthcare provides bring hope. The next component is the healing physical environment.The physical environment in which a patient is being treated is also very crucial in the treatment process (Samueli, 2010). Hospitals should be free of stressful disturbances for the patient and their families. This kind of disturbances may include dull settings, noise and disorganization. A good healing physical environment must be well or ganized and constructed. Evidence has shown that rest is an important part of a patient’s healing process, but many hospitals are noisy with pagers beeping here and there and lots of people talking along the hallways.A good healing physical environment should address these kinds of challenges. Other things such as lighting and temperature must be well regulated to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. The final component of healing hospital is the integration of technology with work design. Technology is intertwined into the healthcare field to help the healthcare team help their patients recover in a good environment. Technology allows the staff members to work efficiently and to work in a manner that maximizes the comfort of the patients.In a good healing environment, patients get more sleep which helps with their healing. Staff members are giving technological equipments such as cordless phones, vibrating pagers and dynamaps for blood pressure, and they are educated to use them efficiently to promote healing in a noise-free environment. These technological advancements help to create stress-free environment for the patients and helps reduce medical errors. The healing hospitals also use technology to provide satisfaction, security, decreased cost and privacy for the patients and their families.These are crucial in the psychological needs of the patient. Challenges of Creating a Healing Environment There are various challenges involved in implementing a good healing hospital environment. First and foremost, the advancement of technology (e. g. more tubes and more wires) has complicated healthcare and is dominating in that healthcare providers are forgetting the original essentials of healing such as the compassion and the loving care. If the balance between technology and compassion can bee implemented, the results of patient satisfaction will increase.Another challenge with technology advancement also focuses on the profits rather the compassi onate care of the patient. The next challenge is that there are a lot of similarities between prisons and hospitals. Patients’ clothing’s are replaced by gowns, their names with barcodes and identification numbers, there is no longer any intimacy and they share their living space with strangers. Even restriction in visiting hours can make an individual feel like a prisoner. This is all due to that fact that healthcare providers are suppose to their tasks with robotic precision.According to Chapman, the hospital system is a â€Å"bureaucracy† and it is â€Å"an organization that acts as machines and are difficult to work with† (Chapman, 2010). Another challenge is that some healthcare providers or even family members and patients could be cynics. Cynicism is damaging to the care of patients. Healthcare providers should not be skeptic to the fact that love is a vital part of a patient’s recovery. Finally, leadership is an important aspect of healing hospital paradigm. The leaders in a healthcare setting have the responsibility to make sure love and compassion is at the top of the list in their plan to care for a patient.Biblical Passage that Supports the Concept of Healing Hospital In psalm 107 verses 17-22, the message version, David wrote â€Å"then you called out to God in you desperate condition; he got you out in the nick of time†. Here he describes how God heals the sick when they call on him. The sick in this passage have faith and are not cynics or skeptics which is and important part of healing. David explained the reality, living a bad life could get you sick and having faith that you would get better can heal you. It’s all about the positivity. David went on saying â€Å"So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves†.This goes on to show that God’s love brings healing. This passage supports the paradigm of healing hospital because it has to do with hea ling the overall person and God does that too. The healing hospital is gaining more popularity now because there are a lot of benefits to it. This care system helps to enhance the overall wellbeing of the patient and their relatives and not only their physical body. This paradigm focuses on compassionate care that helps patient with stress and coping mechanisms through spirituality. This will help the community at large and bring it solace and hope. ReferencesChapman, E. (2010). Radical loving care: building the healing hospital in America. Nashville, TN: Vaughn Printing. Milstein, J. (2005). A paradigm of integrative care: healing with curing throughout life, â€Å"being with† and â€Å"doing to†. Journal of Perinatology, 25, 563-568. doi: 10. 1038/sj. jp. 7211358 Samueli Institute (2010). Optimal Healing Environments. February 12, 2013. Retrieved from http://www. siib. org/news/280-SIIB/version/default/part/AttachmentData/data/OHE_final. pdf Young, C. , & Koopsen, C. (2006). Spirituality, health, and healing (1 ed. ). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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Importance in accurate bac identification-microbio Essay

Importance in accurate bac identification-microbio - Essay Example It leads us to identify whether the microorganisms are pathogenic? Which type of infection do they cause? What is the route of transmission? What pathological conditions does it cause with in the living body? These all questions can only be answered by the correct identification of microorganisms. The diseases can never be cured until the microorganism is recognized. It also enable us to prepare suitable media for the growth of specific specie there can study their characteristics easily. After identification, we can determine the mode of action of certain pathogenic microorganisms. It may also help us to design certain drugs against them. These drugs have mode of action respectfully to the pathogen for example, the pathogen causing GIT infection, the drugs used will be considered more effective if it is administered orally. It not only enables us to create preventive measures against epidemic or pandemic infections but also help us in determining the way of their administration into the body. Today the major arising problem in the world of microbiology is the mutations that are taking place in the genetic makeup of microorganism. These mutations enable the microorganisms to become resistant against certain drugs. The resistant power of infectious organisms may also arise due to the improper route of administration, which does not provide significant immunity but results in the enhancement of pathogenicity of microorganisms by the exposure of certain drugs in the amount less than the required doze. Because of the identification of certain microorganisms at specie level, today we are able to compete with them and even can defeat this little creature. We can design antibiotics, drugs antiserums, toxoids, vaccines etc. due to the identification today we are able to reduce the infectious diseases at a remarkable rate (Collier & Haburchak,

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Leaders as agents of Socialization Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Leaders as agents of Socialization - Term Paper Example That is, the gradual shift from an unfavorable environment to a more favorable one has the likelihood to reshape the initial cognitive cycle of the child, thereby emphasizing the role that conscious educational environments could create for the child. Essentially, inequality in educational achievement has been attributed majorly to the physical environment that the child grows in. The cultural capital theory helps to explain disparities in educational attainment based on the environmental setup that children grow in (Meyer, 2007). Intellectual ability is assessed through educational attainment of individuals. However, the interaction between such achievement and the socialization has prompted wide research into the impacts of social structures on the individual’s ability to socialize (loosely translated into the ability to interact freely and intelligently with other members of a social setup). Socialization is a key factor in the determination of the skill development in young children. Consequently, a great deal of attention has been concentrated to understanding how cultures create a social structure, and how such structures affect the ability to socialize (Turner, 2006). From the dimension of a school leader, the above argument presents a state to redefine the way children socialize. That is, irrespective of their cultural background. The leader aims at creating a supportive environment that recognizes the existence of each member of a society, and attempts to genuinely offer them equal opportunity to develop their social skills. In order to address the disparities between various members of a community, it is essential to create a transformative environment that will enable convergence of interests and encourage those who are seen to be underprivileged to come out more boldly and confront their past misgivings. The transformation environment created by a school leader cannot be complete without

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Harvard Referencing quiz , Table of academic References 1&2, Academic Assignment - 1

Harvard Referencing quiz , Table of academic References 1, Academic Journal entries AJ1 and AJ2 - Assignment Example r market statistics for September 2013 identify that the employment rate from May to July for 16 to 64 year olds was 71.6%; up 0.2 percentage points on the previous quarter to April. This represents 29.84 million people in employment aged 16 and over, up 80,000 from February to April 2013. Management and coaching practices in the UK tend to revolve around dictatorship versus listening, or otherwise control versus consensus. According to Dave Brailsford of Team Sky, it is important to allow individuals within a team to have their own opinion (Neville, 2014). However, he quickly points out that individualized opinions may fail to provide a solution but a collective opinion is best in dealing with most situations. In the case where there is no collective opinion, Brailsford suggests that the leader has to make a call (Neville, 2014). It is important to involve members of the team in order to have an understanding of their opinions and to encourage them to exploit their potential. According to Riches (2013), one way to improve team performance is to establish agreed norms or rules for how the team is to operate and rigorously stick to them (Mullins, 2013). Norms could address the obligations of individual members to the team, how it will assess its performance, and how it will work together. In addition, the motivation systems to be used could also be addressed, with a clear picture of its relation to the customers drawn. Lastly, these norms would be important in determining the mechanisms required to facilitate an honest exchange about the team norms and behavior (Mullins,

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Money & Banking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Money & Banking - Assignment Example The name ‘Exeter’ will be more appreciated since it relates the business to the locality. In the instance that the success probability of the fish restaurant is higher than that of its failure, I would recommend that the sandwich restaurant is started instead. This is because in light of the discrepancy of the earnings, the partnership will still stand to gain from McExe. The fish restaurant Exeter is yet to break even as such, the viability of the business is pegged on an improvement of the marketing strategy; the 4 Ps of marketing. Without that the Bank’s proposal for the sandwich restaurant McExe seems to be the better option. In this instance I would recommend that the option since it is more viable than the previous two be given priority over the other two. It stands to profit them more than the fish and sandwich restaurant proposals. The Sushi restaurant should be owned by the Chef X since he has more earnings and as such stands as the ‘majority shareholder’. Consumption planning by the model (considering that a short term investment at date 1 is not available) they should focus on the model which has a higher return and so short term investment at date 0 with a return of r1 = 1 at date 1. This therefore, is the best model to use since it guarantees you a100% of earnings in the business. If I chose a long term investment today over a short term investment at date 0 (Yesterday) returns will be lower but being a long term investment, you can persist and hope for more gains in the future. This is because business is about risks; we risk to get a returns (Hellwig) Obviously if r2 is low at the moment agents will not invest it at date one because it is not promising. It will scare potential investors who agents are targeting to invest later. It will be a loss making investment to agents. They will not be exposed to fractuation in interst rates which can be brought by inflation,

Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 1

Research Methods - Essay Example Hence, it is the research question B which is least suitable for hypothesis testing. The purpose is to find out different sources of income that are being currently utilized by the households, living in the communities surrounding the national park. The question is mainly exploratory in nature. It would not be appropriate to predict one particular livelihood as the answer of the question and develop a hypothesis on the basis of such prediction. Hypothesis corresponding to question D: Environmental education causes significant changes in the behavior of local people. In other words to say, environmental education makes local people more environment friendly. Hypothesis corresponding to question E: The Third species of tomato among the three proposed varieties of tomato is the most suitable variety for the local farming system for the purpose of cash cropping. Since the basic objective here is to find out what changes have occurred in the composition of the forest over time since the creation of the park. Here composition of the forest is the variable to be examined. Here relationship between two variables – the distance from the transport routs and nature of livelihood- will be examined. The objective here is to find out whether people living in proximity to the transport routs have a tendency to adopt commercial farming as their livelihood. Hence Cross sectional Comparison would be appropriate for testing this hypothesis. Purpose is to find out which variety of the tomato proposed for cash cropping in the areas adjacent to the park is best suited to the local farming system. The extent of suitability will be measured in terms of the yield that each of the variety is capable of producing within a particular time period using same local technique under same environmental and other required conditions for farming. The hypothesis is that â€Å"the third species of tomato among the three proposed varieties of tomato is the most

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Signature Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Signature - Research Paper Example An example of a signature can be a branding or logo that a criminal leaves at a crime scene. Hence, in the definition, the difference between the two can be seen in their relationship to the crime. The background of these two procedures will be explored further on in the paper. Another difference between a signature and modus operandi is that the later tends to improve over time with the criminal’s experience and enhancement in skills. However, a signature remains constant in a criminal’s acts and is deeply rooted in him/her. Modus operandi tends to change in the form of weapons used, exists and entry routes whilst a signature is adopted when an individual begins his crime and becomes a source of satisfaction, pride and in some situations a justification for criminal behavior (Douglas & Munn, 1992, 1-10). In summation, the two are different because modus operandi feeds and depends on emotional needs whilst a signature is just a procedure. The best way to analyze Modus O perandi is by looking at the background and driving forces between the two procedures. As mentioned above, a criminal leaves his signature as a way of personalizing his crimes. The crime itself and the signature are not directly related and are driven by different forces. There are several factors that influence the signature of the criminal. These include personality, past history, intelligence and mental state (Hazelwood & Warren, 1-14). These often give clues of a criminal’s psychological and emotional status and often reveal reasons for committing a certain crime. An example of the way a criminal’s signature can portray his or her past is that offer torturer (Turvey & Freeman, 2011). This can represent an individual has been traumatized in his childhood or possesses certain emotional traits such as self hatred. Others who aim to impose authority over a certain group of people may have past experiences of neglect or sexual abuse (Douglas & Munn, 1992, 1-10). As ment ioned above modus operandi and signature have different driving factors. Modus operandi is a process driven by the will of an individual to commit a crime (Hazelwood & Warren, 1-14). This is driven by the experience of an individual and his knowledge on the particular crime, including the best way to carry it out without being caught or compromising his intentions for committing that particular crime. This in turn leads to a variation in killing techniques, timing, destruction of evidence and execution (Hazelwood & Warren, 1-14). The MO can change for every victim, for example certain killer may choose different weapons for each target as this may help increase satisfaction gained from each crime (Hazelwood & Warren, 1-14). In summation, it can be said that all criminals have an MO comprised of habits, techniques and behavioral traits that are performed with the following objectives; affect escape, complete the crime and avoid capture. David Berkowitz has one of the most widely disc ussed modus operandi in the world. His MO involved.44 Charter arms bulldog revolver as the weapon of choice. The fire arm as five rounds and is specifically designed for close combat (Gresswell & Hollin, 1994, 307-318). The majority of Berkowitz attacks were blitzed shootings however at times he disguised the crime scene to cover up his true intentions and the nature of the act. For example, in the murder of

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The Legalization Of Marijuana for Medical Use Research Paper

The Legalization Of Marijuana for Medical Use - Research Paper Example As a matter of fact, marijuana is proven to enhance appetite and relieve nausea in cancer and AIDS patients. Many people use marijuana because they are suffering from certain diseases that have plagued their lives. Clearly, marijuana provides relief from pain, nauseua, and other symptoms that cannot be treated with conventional methods of medicine. Several Americans insist that marijuana for inhibition purposes also. Furthermore, this drug has very low dependence of addiction and side-effects. Most marijuana users also insist that they tend to develop tolerance to many of the effect that this substance offers. Users also refute the fact that this drug is more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. The second critical reason why marijuana should be legalized is the fact that maintaining marijuana out of society is expensive due to its illegal nature. Keeping marijuana illegal is expensive because it induces authorities to be in constant search of funding. In the United States, the government has gone on this myriad against â€Å"War on Drugs.† Currently, the US government spends a hefty amount of money to choose individuals who are regular marijuana users regardless of their need and want. These individuals get thrown in the prisons on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, these same funds can be allocated to pursue education, Medicare, social security and national defense. In an ideal world in which marijuana would be legal, the federal government would be able to impose taxes on it. Furthermore, it would have extra revenue that it could allocate for essential drug education program. It is evident that there is no solid evidence that prohibition of the drug will force society to diminish its use. Additionally, marijuana is widely available in schools as dealers understand that no set age limit is enacted. Seen as the â€Å"forbidden fruit† by many teenagers, the drug continues to attract students to relieve their stress. The

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Write a 4 page essay based on the question provided

Write a 4 page based on the question provided - Essay Example There are many in the â€Å"hard† scientific communities that argue that philosophy is obsolete as a whole and has been essentially unchanged for 2000 years (Andersen 1). They feel the considerations of philosophy as a science are rendered useless in the face of modern scientific awareness and technological advancements. They no longer see a place for philosophers like, Machiavelli, Socrates, Locke, and Hobbes. However, there are others who feel quite differently. Philosophy is still relevant and perhaps even more relevant in this modern technological age. Each of the philosophers mentioned has contributed greatly to the discussion of the human experience and remains relevant today. Machiavelli, for example, was a reluctant philosopher, perceiving himself as a historian and an academic. All the same his writings, concepts, perspectives, and ideas have sparked many a philosophical debate, be it to support his perspectives or to refute them. The term â€Å"Machiavellian† was coined in his honor to reference someone who cleverly excels in Machiavelli’s preferred areas; ethics, politics, and psychological phenomena (Nederman ). Socrates is a fascinating character of philosophical history; he remains somewhat of a mystery to scholars. He was an oral philosopher who wrote nothing in his lifetime, but developed and changed philosophy forever. Socrates was the first to openly discuss the possibility that the pantheon of Grecian deities might not be responsible for all of the events that occur in the world. This non-theological a pproach to philosophy was considered heretical to the Athenian courts. Socrates was found guilty of crimes against Greece and sentenced to death for his philosophies. It was this sacrifice in the name of free thinking that spawned much philosophical debate and discussion over the years (Nails). John Locke focused much of his

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Racism among Human Interactions Essay Example for Free

Racism among Human Interactions Essay This essay will shortly focus on cultural diversity as the basis behind racial discrimination; its impact and effects on my community. It is important before in-depth digging on this assignment to consider the subject of racism as first, a belief that radiates passion, capable of igniting different forms of action ranging from discrimination, bulling, oppression, wrong prejudice, violence among others. Racism in accordance to Oxford dictionary is an ideology that holds that a particular racial stratum is characterized with generic abilities or capabilities that is different from other cultural caucus. This specific characteristic is to other culture considered inferior or superior in its whole essence. Some other definitions for racism do hold fast that race is the fundamental identification of human inherent traits (Smedley Brain 2005). The abilities thereof are a measure of racial dissimilarities that produce visible effect in assuming superiority to other racial groups (Merriam, n. d. ). In another author’s definition for racism, there is a pronouncement that human races possess distinct trait that predetermine their cultural orientation. The orientation thus follows that one’s race is superior and has a predetermined authority to lord control over other races (Macquarie). Legal description of the term racial discrimination according to the submit of U. N. Convention on Racial Discrimination Elimination in March 1966, â€Å"it shall be any form of separation, exclusion, refrain, or preference based on racial origin in terms of color, descendant, nationality, ethnic group which result in impairing or infringing an equality in recognition, exercise of fundamental human right to freedom in affairs such as political platform, socioeconomic, cultural or any other diasporas in life. † British law describes racism as a concept implying the definition as a particular society in terms of their â€Å"nationality, color, ethnic, race or citizenship. A sociologist, David Wellman in 1993 thus defined racism as a cultural convention that defends Whites’ superiority owing to the incapacitated position of the derelict minorities. Feagin, a former president of American Sociological Association, submits recently in a â€Å"theory of racial oppression† in the U. S. , that the White Americans intentionally create and circulate a system of racial discrimination that has presently uncontrollable eaten deep the bone of their society. Major institutions are built on racial segregations in a non accidental manner but direct arrangement. Feagin recognizes that the operating racial system over decades have taken some forms of change, contending that there has been a significant reproduce of elemental seed of racism. The seed is a reflection of the present day’s â€Å"racial hierarchical institutions as far back as seventeenth century. The present day racial witnesses should be fast traced beyond the peripheral but seen as a rather infiltrating, and interconnected phenomenon that cut cross diverse social groups and establishments among the society. Feagin’s view is in contrast to the assumption that racism is more of an attitude or a kind of irrational bigotry that is independent of social organization. This assumption is supported by the psychologist. Human Racism within Neighborhood in my community It is a sad experience to stay in a habitation among the people of unlike minds who do not for any reason believe that men are born equal, be it white or black, Negro or others. It is rather more saddened that there is a constant atmosphere of insecurity to live among people whose signals of dealings with them constantly radiate hatred and disregard of high caliber. Where else does one needs to find rest if not home among neighborhoods? But the neighborhoods are soaked in an aura of perpetual dislike for color, for nationality and for genealogy order than the White they are. This is exemplified in a scenario when there was a call for a meeting to decide the fate of security our community one weekend. The leader do not border inviting a particular black and therefore, erroneously perceiving his opinion may not count but would rather give a second to the best of taught. And even peradventure, should he surpass every expectation; the White race would feel embarrassed and inferior. The leader presumes this may generate a violent attack and it would be in the interest of the community to live out his contribution as black. This is grossly unfair to humanity and the entire race of mankind. I doubt if the lower animals base their condemnation (if only it exists at all) on racism, how come we claim to be a better one called homo sapiens – I hope scientists will re-evaluate man as a social been. Human racism within Service groups and workplace in my community Service groups majorly constitute the White Americans. The cultural diversity is part and par sues of everyday dealings. It all began from the employment process. The communities around me often times neglect high level of hospitality to Black workers and extend apathy even in recruitment process. One researcher named, Dean Karlan with Marianne once found among a study conducted in 2003, that the extent of racial discrimination among people in workplaces is demoralizing. They discovered that people whose names where trace to black genealogy were more than fifty percent likely not to be shortlisted for the second phase of interview when they apply for a similar job with the Whites. This result is one out of the numerous societal biases forming a giant procedural method in application for job where cultural diversity triumph. I supposed securing job should rather be of intellectual competence and acumen instead of racial introduction that may corrupt the seed of greatness towards achieving the employing institution’s mission statement and its objectives. Despite the fact that blacks in this community can barely afford a day hospital bill without insurance, they are mostly faced with the major health hazard at workplace without a corresponding compensation to make up for the risk of life involved. This could be traced down to the aged fought battle on black slavery. The white society would rather hide under the canopy of existing racial system and enslave fellow mankind. I wonder where the world is heading to at this age long civilization era. If I could be opportune to effect any change in my community, I will gladly revisit this aspect of racial diversity and treat all men equally at workplace. The means of livelihood is a sensitive part of one’s live. That should not be negotiated for any racial operating system in a society with diverse culture. It should be left undiluted as this would be an eventual benefit to the company if nothing but just excellence is the sole key for employment. The disparity in the salary scale I would balance once an individual can prove his or her worth irrespective of the cultural diversity. Human racism within clubs, local governments, and schools The extension of induction to the minority black in my community for a cooperative cohabitation in a club is not a known issue but a taboo. Blacks rather form one in their own minority shell. Members of the club benefit in no small ways. They are treated equal and one among themselves. This makes it possible for numerous assistances members’ enjoy at either on an occasion or whenever there arise the need to give moral or/and financial support. The unity covers the shame of fellow individuals in the club. An applicant into the club of different race suffers these whole benefits even though he lives within this people. The psychological trauma is enough to initiate mental disturbance, mania, depression and bipolar syndrome (some psychiatric diseases) owing to a huge sense of delineation and alien among fellow human being. The presence of cultural diversity among schools at all levels of studies is certain. Students from different homes prefer one school to the others. Privilege to attend is denied by the prevailing racial discrimination. The racial prejudice begins when some school authorities reject applications from people of a particular nationality. At times, the low socioeconomic income of a racialized group of people dictates where to send their children for schooling and not a direct rejection. All tends to same racism resulting from cultural diversity. Other form of racism within exists among the students themselves. We have heard cases where a student arose on a red morning and began to shoot sporadically into the air. Over thirty six casualties were recorded. This man was a black who felt injured by cumulative experience of racial discrimination. Conclusion The people in leadership position often times play a lip service to this very sensitive issue of unfair racial human interactions as a result of cultural diversity. Concerning leaders in my community, we do quite share the same believe that one must be very careful in an attempt to resolve the ideas of inequality birthed from cultural diversity. One example is the record of black massacre in South Africa. The killing in this region in a part is due to an overwhelming dominance of Black Africans playing key roles in the economy of the country. I do disagree that there is no way to resolve it permanently. Military enforcement in a way may assist in ensuring adherence to laws pertaining to racial discrimination among societies with diverse culture. There should be gradual introduction of minority interest for the sake of balancing the democracy we practice though with caution to avoid undue attention and popularity. Government installation should be enforced by the legislature to base campaign in a way to effect eradication of racism in communities. When men of icon in the society openly campaign for racial equality, their loyal supporters would reason with them and change. The impact of media is one of the most essential tools in correcting the society for racial discrimination. Some media publicize the goods of the white and the ugly of the black. Media staff should try playing neutrality and conducting themselves in a professional manner, sharing my idea to contribute in eradicating the obnoxious outcomes resulting from cultural diversity. References Feagin, Joe R. (2006). Systemic Racism: A Theory of Oppression. NY: Routledge. Feagin, Joe R. (2000). Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations. NY: Routledge. Allen, Theodore. (1994). The Invention of White Race†. Volume 1, London, UK. Smedley and Brian D. (2005) Race as Biology if Fiction, Racism as a Social Problem is Real. American Psychologist 60: 16-30. Cazenave, Noel A. and Darlene Alvarez Maddern. 1999. â€Å"Defending the White Race: White Male Faculty Opposition to a White Racism Course. † Race and Society. http://www. rohan. sdsu. edu/%7Ergison/againstracism. htm. Retrieved on June 14, 2008.