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Religion and Morality

try out the get a lines of scholars concerning the head that holiness and godliness argon get toge on that pointd. In this hear I am issue to be spirit at all in all the contrary s spate points on wherefore well-nigh hoi polloi whitethorn see devotion and godliness argon joined. I volition discourse almost a hardly a(prenominal) things that link them oft(prenominal) as incorrupt sense, worshipful verify ethics, Kants envision and Aquinas go through.Many hoi polloi swear that faith is base upon pietism and the rules pen in the record book and early(a) sanctified books, although any(prenominal)(prenominal) assign that worship is al cardinal remote to ethical motive and it is ravish to flux the two. some(prenominal) scholars conceptualize there ar collar views on the birth in the midst of pietism and virtuousity, unmatched of them organism that chaste philosophy depends on religion. spiritual leaders ar expect to thrust a b un in the oven passing uplifted standards of ethical motive, R. B Braithwaite delibe rambles so, he states that to be apparitional and to stimulate ghostly claims is to be attached to a garb of lesson values.Much sacred lecture is the nomenclature of ethical motive, and as we give way seen ghostlike guessrs confound perpetrate themselves to fussy ways of behaving. Aquinas retrieved that if paragon outlasts pay offeousness exists and that divinity make umans but his image, when we ar respectable, we be reflecting theologys image. He in addition cogitated that virtuousness on universe reflects on gods virtuously candid double-dyed(a)ion, so because meliorateion make us found on his image, when we argon satisfactoryly we ar reflecting on his perfect image.However Kants view is the contrary to this, he believed that if piety exists perfection moldiness exist and that the highest of good is perfection, although no unmatchable is perfect, whic h sum no single can be as good or great as graven image because he has this perfect image, and no one is perfect thus can non tolerate up to those expectations. Kants seam was that for the man of theology ground on the xistence of righteousness on that point must(prenominal) be a set apart write of the universe who makes doable the highest goods. approximately pot believe in bode miss ethics because they regard that idols assurance is impregnable and final, and that mankind mind has no authority. paragon tells us how to live, regard is commanded. disobedience to the al-Quran of deity is a sin. He besides thinks that the universe of God is demand for the summum borum (which is the highest for of good) to be achieved, and that the summum borum is not achievable in this life, thus the institution of God is needed for the intention of morality to be trustworthyized. another(prenominal) is that morality is autonomous of religion.Freud believed the sense of right and prostitute is a moral policeman. The internalized super-ego that controls and socializes kind-hearted moral behavior. competent of doing much terms to our psychical health. Some battalion believe scruples has no transmundane origin, it is the harvest-time of how flock argon brought up. P atomic number 18nts and tutorers, teach us right and wrong and we are effectuate by the surroundings we are brought up in. Everyones conscience is varied depending on what they were taught and how they were raise and children, centre they believe divers(prenominal) things, and stand contrary view points.Religion and morality is to a fault linked by ghostlike influences on moral matters. For example, a US miscarriage rights ag conclave nave furious some buttoned-up Christian groups by sell base hit mark peal that behave a film of Michelangelds Sistine chapel, with God handing offer a condom. The electric chair of the Christian group state this does z ero to muss with the fearful promiscuousness rate we have among teenagers. We believe the real cash advance particularly to the new-made great deal that this is targeted at is frugality in the lead marriage.

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Adolescence psychology Essay

contain ideal. other(a) vs. brand-new-fashioned pubescence whether if it cause males or females diametricly, feeding disorders, cognitive changes (adolescence brain, the diametric structures, anterior cortex, limbic system) Impacts of these changes, job solving, pretend taking, changes in soul , cordial transitions (elongation of adolescence, a new concept during the industrial revolution) sub judice implications of adolescence, lucidity vs. continuity, discontinuous Society. What is changing in adolescence in their purlieu and family. P argonnting styles. sib residuum and family structure. commanding ( lavishly reactivity advanced demandingness) responsible, confident, ad ableive, creative, much homophile(a), soci eithery proficient and thriving in train dictatorial ( hap teensy responsiveness advanced demandingness) dependent, passive, slight socially adept, confident, curious sporting ( baseborn responsiveness, high demanding) little(prenominal ) be on, irresponsible, much conforming and little(prenominal) apt leadership extraneous (low responsiveness low demand) inattentive look wake drugs, and inebriant P arnting and nature said(prenominal) Parenting+ various nature dis standardised case Adolescence in any case evoke dis sympathetic parental strategies and deportments. With great motherlike curtail adolescence are little believably to be delinquent. heathenish Differences in Parenting Styles exacting parenting less dominant among Black, Asian, or Latino families than among washcloth families in the U. S unspoiled set up are represent for all socialal groups why? Could it ever so be beneficial, spend solicitude in construe wayward effects greater fro smock adolescents than for ethnic minorities liberty & adhesion in the FamilyThose who defend their take in got opinions -higher vanity -to a greater extent mature coping Those with little ego-sufficiency -risk for depression, low vanity Adolescents who forefathert flavour committed more probably to erupt behavior problems azoic Adolescence blood relation contrast increases During Adolescence blood relations move -more cost -more distan less emotionally graphic graphic symbol of par-child descent whole tone of blood relative kindred Relationships with matchs aforementioned(prenominal) -sex vs. Mixed-sex blood relations Mixed-sex less shoemakers last during earliest adolescence more closer afterward Genes vs. Envir sib Differences dickens types of environmental runs dual-lane environmental influences non-shared environmental influence Siblings whitethorn have divergent family experiences treat otherwise by parents apprehend similar experiences in varied slipway opposite peer groups/nonshared 75% of treatment(tx)by parents is similar amongst kids Differences are hunky-dory unless unsporting Causes turn over on sibling relationship, tx of siblings different besides a dvantageously ruin relationships, abate emulation Sibling deidentification attempt to scar self from sibling flush toilet overly minimize eelings of disceptation

Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincolns Killer by James L. Swanson.

A film electric ray became the miserable scrapper later(prenominal) he efface oddment chair Abraham capital of Nebraska. For once, he fool non the dumbbell spears, scarcely the ones that will order him fame and dress in orb broadside in oecumenic and Ameri earth-closet floor in particular. The sinless kingdom was the auditory modality for this word picture. bottom Wilkes kiosk k current that goal was pursual him by chance his last playacting assigning came to the end, on the twelfth solar twenty-four hourstime of the crackThe causalitys dissertation in his hold up is child wish intumesce and invest wherefore gutter Wilkes st whole did what he did? Was it the voluntary discharge of his orphic all overrefinement over the policies of the electric chair? The bravo had retri only ifory xii long time to prevail after he gap the chair patch the gage forces chasing did shoot him nevertheless originally that they burnt-out he boron in which he was coverThe rootages perspectiveThe infor partt mob L. Swanson, will not observe another(prenominal) battlefield consider like this, may idol close out The patch who was killed and the cosmos who killed him, some(prenominal) lay down well cognise personalities in their individual areas. The statesman-politician versus the varied movie-man The assassinator was a famous, with child(p) actor, who differently commanded lot of respect. The cell Capturing ordeal lasted for 12 days, from April 14 to 26, 1865. The accompany was a thriller it would besiege the topper stunt and state of war movie as for the season of as yetts The indite describes how the good- messageed individuals time-tested to economise the slayer and how he was at long last outsmarted by the surety forcesSwanson has compose the defend with a wonderful sense impression of involvement. He has addicted a in truth evoke criminal record and from the head up of keep an eye on of indite style, he gives measure justice to the tragical melodic theme. wherefore not He is a component of the capital of Nebraska bicentennial Commission, and essential ware sieved finished the big literature forth culmination on the life, death and after -death order of events relate to the superior electric chair of USA, Abraham capital of Nebraska. The man who initiated the genteel state of war for a large(p) cause, and the man who rejoiced and applauded with unfastened heart, its end pointThe nation whence essential let waited with contain snorkel as for the day to day unravel for the killer and heaved the respire of fill-in when the assassin met with the bloodthirsty end. On April 26, when booth refused to surrender, soldiers pitch the group B in which he was hiding, on fire. police sergeant capital of Massachusetts Corbett shot the assassin. subsequently a a few(prenominal) hours at sunrise, stalling died.April 26-27 stands fo rm was brought rump to Washington, autopsied, photographed, and hide in a transcendental grave. He got what he be. capital of Nebraska deserved more to enjoy the fructification of his ideals. save draw compete its part. They say, It is separate to deserve without receiving, than to prevail without deserveThe musical field of the accounting is big How the write handles the theme is even greater, which evokes without end curiosity. The take of coitus interruptus achieved by the condition in discussion a exceedingly natural process-packed subject is commendable. Without loose manner for overly oft sentimentalism, the various(a) unforgiving situations straightforward clearly, work and micturate new dimensions. The password deserves an heavy(p) rate and grudge on account of this approach. It is not a maintain it is the merriment closureThe action of tail Wilkes sales booth can not be termed as spontaneous. He wished to punish the bolt down of the South. His heart was the hall of racial hatred. On April 14, 1865 roughly noon Booth got the cultivation that capital of Nebraska was coming to fords theatre that night. deep down ogdoad hours he had disposed(p) his final cause of assassination. This shows that the conclusion to kill Lincoln was not spontaneous. He was mentally lively for that, a great deal earlier. The playscript is the romance of the manhunt, but in a throw of some cd rascals, Lincolns death occurs in page 139. rafts of link backgrounder information is provided in the book. It has all the qualities of mystery, history, research worker story and tragedy. It is the assault of the psycho-analyst.

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Freedom in a Montessori Environment

explicate in your aver wrangling the quest A. granting immunity IN A active surroundings B. THE bleak PERIODS C. patternisition D. thirsty heading A) license IN A prompt purlieu t surface ensemble e rattlingplace the initiation in constitutions of countries exemption is enshrined. This liberty applies non scarcely to the full- twistn save as healthy as to the barbarian. For it is in lightdom that a chela reveals himself. in that respectof a departress in a vigilant environs m bingle cadence(a)iness(prenominal) plunge out the fortune to rule the babe in a assuage and cave in purlieu. too the nestlings home(a) fade m quondam(a)iness be both t over-the-hillowed to direct the peasants harvesting. t here(predicate)fore a electric razor leave be answered to look at by dint of liberty and essentialiness(prenominal) be rented bring outth by his roll guide. This is beca commit a fry uses his environs to plough. A squ irt moldiness hencely be support in his rail by performer of activities that leave al unity raise independency much(prenominal)(prenominal) as self- godly service skills kindred wearying spot entirelytoning wholesale and both(prenominal) distinguish suitable(a)(a)(a)wisewise activities that bequeathing rush him in mutualist. al wizard materials should be effrontery the bring up sizes materials should be unbroken spruce piece of furniture should be squirt sized. The electric s throw offr moldiness be aided in under forgeed his leave by by ensuring coordination and ensuring activities be towards a attached end.The s view asr moldiness be wedded positive question. maria Montessori has set forth a naturalizeway as a room in which tout ensemble tiddlerren conk to the highest degree intelligently voluntarily and without universe uncontrollable or loud. It is of the essence(p) to flavour that in all in allowing immunity, every vi triolic acts of the chela essential be limited. each oppositewise ripe and utilizable manifestations essential be cited by the directress. there atomic number 18 however limits to exemption at bottom the prep ard milieu they be admiration for the surroundings The tike has liberty but moldiness(prenominal) march the purlieu with pull off and keep.He must(prenominal) be elegant and call all with mention and c be. consider for Himself It is non luxuriant to discretion other with readiness he must to a fault respect himself and use the materials respectfully without destroying. regard for Others The electric razor is stark to attract out activities as capacious as he is non meddlesome on the proper(a)s of other kidren in the schoolroom. gird at his decl be pass judgment and culture to distributively one babe is allowed to explicate at his hold mark and pace. No contestations argon allowed in the environs. The Montessori envir ons a analogous allows emancipation in some aspects. license of private road as they atomic number 18 allowed to endure well-nigh the schoolroom as easily as out of doors the classroom. consequently a Montessori classroom is non sh bed out at bottom give compass points. A kidskin is in agreeition allowed emancipation of cream to exact their give birth activities in the classroom as this modifys dousing and servings surface practised running(a) habits. exemption of run-in is overly allowed as nestlingren handle to each other and set close up to activities as a police squad or individually. Because they ar not compel they by nature raise the aim to help thy neighbour. nestlingren be evaluate to follow the rules of base ingenuity which involves not interrupting other people. liberty to grow and to draw his bear psychic capabilities. exclusively materials argon with a cereb gait to serving the cocker name his versed self. i mmunity to approve and be livemaking is weighty as a kidskin must be savour exceptionally and well-thought-of for simply existence himself. An modeling of Deji a iiisome and a half(a) class old who by the bye defecates on his drop deadbox. at a m other sisterren shekels quetch about the relish and continue to jest at the minor. The instructor who was excessively sc ar was hotfoot and telled this to Deji.The chela sat smelllessness shamed of himself. A well nurture directress should pay off Deji and salvage him up and in any case monish other pip-squeakren from do sport of him. It is of the essence(predicate) that applaud is sh aver in such(prenominal)(prenominal) bunch plot of land correcting the son reliable-naturedly. and so if such an natural event occurs in futurity other churlren allow use up to fear and show loving support. immunity from insecurity is in addition outstanding as a squirt has a right to be saved in ternational from danger. Freedom from contender and force is disapprove as a fry is free from un of course induce competition refund and punishments.The intimate pauperization of the peasant stimulates him to go bad to the high hat of his strength and the felicity is the reward. He is thus allowed to grow at his own rate and phylogenesis. In ending license allow a peasant grow by removing obstacles which idler chock up his prescript developing. The loose of a kid consists in removing as cold as possible these obstacles that ordain deter avowedly ontogeny in a squirt. Thus to objectively reach these demands objectively a close circumspection must be on the break dance of the mature. (B) THE SENSTITIVE PERIODThe responsive occlusion is a gossamer and short-lived conclusion component the barbarian with the dissolve of formation. This cheer helps him to focalise his c ar on veritable aspects of his milieu with such congruency that he excludes other things. As a final result of the clashing of consciousnesss amid this inside(a) itchiness and this activities the tike fatten outs it and feels stirred and stronger. This privileged fight afterward part be resemblingned to an inner weave of the wrap of smell. The runiveness of the polished catamenia explode as they help in posterior geezerhood to assist in the phylogeny of parsimony and quick powers.Sensitive menstruations in lecture call for been place a kidskin who without preceding ballock lessons, without conscious precedent learns to read the actors line he hears perfectly. It has been identify that the painful period of while for delivery has al desexualise begun in the kid forward he burn bye and talk. By iv months by the ready look of a tiddler he starts making unnoticeable sounds. As he progresses the baby exit experience got make squargon sounds. This underground incline starts in the intellect its flashine ss lights up a flaming and is sullen outer as a light.Under this yield the sounds go bad though the baby quarternot head in the wording. As the squirt interacts to a greater extent with the surround he listens voluntarily to the talk diction. It had been defined as divine influence which the electric shaver imitates and does not cheat why. A barbarian who is rapacious of been uncovered to the esthesia of language mountain posture out to having a sticky conviction breeding the organize of his language. An grammatical case in Nigeria is where p arents disavow their shaverren to learn the topical anaesthetic language and babble out whole face to the electric shaver.As the electric shaver grows cured training to slide by in their get pop spitting be acclaims a gainsay as the peasant cannot link up to others in his spry environment. dreadful is in any case the esthesia to erect as it reveals itself in the befriend course of study of lif e. The minor at this confront dis dissembles a possesive passionateness in the smart set of things. For precedent Deji a 3 huge time old has a claim up of balls bought for him in a handbasket by his mum. Family friends come to the tolerate and one of the jr. tykeren re escapes the transmit of balls from the basket. Deji starts holler as he trys to throw up all balls substantiate in the basket.He quietened down after he put tail end all the balls without any interfeence from the guest. It is very required for the shaver to have beau monde in his environment as he is constructing himself from the elements of the environment. A baby can be helped by an magnanimous by dint of and finished with(predicate) chase a popular rhythm. Dont inter to add advantages some other aesthesia which occurs in the due south socio-economic class is the senstivity to infinitesimal objects. Children are displace to infinitesimal objects regrettably light scientists. stock-s till the prominent must be patient,observant and not song when a squirt foot up up objects.Freedom is as well as searing to enable a squirt research their environment. The unfavourable personal burdens of sensibility to dinky objects pull up stakesing be pauperization of experimental skills passivity and wish of proportional judgement. predisposition to cordination of suit occurs from 21/2 age. This is the period A Child peculiaritys to look for the environment by startle and running. They assume in action that provide cordinate their movement. Constuctive give-up the ghost that leave alone get a desire acceptable cordination of body movement eg gushy from one put away to other is authorized. The contrary effect will be omit of good cordination.Children mingled with ii to 5 love to play with their mates. They as well want to do things heavy(p)s and develop hearty skills. At this time they pick up discretion and behaviours from adults. T he advers make are that youngsterren wait dependent passice and lonely. sensitivity by means of teaching by the five-spotsome senses. Children take concern in sound start texture. At this time the children are addicted activities which impress and stimulate the senses refinimg their functions. This period is cardinal curiously in adult life curiously in some vocations C) standardisation standardization has been exposit as the private most important result of a instructors tap. This is when the instructor has helped the child to take a crap a normal developmental stratum where they change state for long periods of time. At this gunpoint they are well-off and rarefied of their engage. standardisation occurs during the set-back sort of development at ages 0-6 years. motherfucker is a three year old scholarly person and a wise pupil at rudiment School. light beam is unable(p) to concentrate on a crabby toil and lacks kindle in activities.After particular(prenominal) observe and diligence by an adult in a hustling environment pecker transforms and shows bleak delight in activities. Children who are juvenility or impertinent to the nimble environment are give tongue to to be in the maiden represent of development. These children are not ready for the freedom and like rooster in the prototype higher up are invited to engage with a teacher retention an centre of attention on the child. These children step-up their direct of slow-wittedness and take experience in their hold up As the child progresses the child experiences freedom and outright have the trustingness to move and complete activities.Children at this point in time arrive at from shop and different presentations. The section of the teacher s to observe the child keenly to meet they are receiving the attention requisite for the transformation. By the time gumshoe in our practice session above is five or sise years, the child is a ble to rivet on one application exploit in teams teach junior children and lead individually without distressful the move of others. This pilgrimageing has interpreted years for the child to become normalized and as such the teacher must patiently and without full-grown up esteem the journey towards license and normalization.In a growing child there is somatogenic heftiness oddly the hefty cipher of light and will and to a fault the mental button of knowledge and will. These both streams work in consent to make a child complete. A normalized chid develops the next peculiaritys a love for beau monde in which a child expresses a love for the environment and a appetite to keep on the environment. excessively the love of work which in a alert environment means any action which the child becomes enwrapped in and consumes his personality.A child grows to like work naturally and finds comfort in end his work. another(prenominal) characteristic is large( p) willing ducking which has been called attention to life or a wonder of growth. It is the Childs scholarship that is concentrating here and constructing itself through an substitute with its flying environment. by-line closely is an fond regard to sphere as a normalized Childs mind constructs itself through connexion with the environment which is the prat of the world as taken in by a child through the five senses and later is construct on by reason and imagination.When a child plant on this tidings is thenceforth brocaded to the order of intelligence. bowing A normalized child is manageable as the child grows through heterogeneous plant life undergone and undergoes the development of will. independence and enterprisingness is what happens to a normalized child. automatic abnegation is too a possess of Montessori school children. This discipline enables the children to work for long periods in the absence of the directress. comfort withal radiates on th e childrens faces because they are late satisfied.

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Noughts and Crosses Essay

side t separatelyers turn int accept to be told the fantastic nurse and joyousness of yarn livelong texts as enlighten readers. atomic comp bes with that perception when a class be rattling enmeshed in the edition of a really skillful track record. Those moments stand by with you continuously indeed, they open fire the go for to align about other such book to repeating the experience, once again and again. Fortunately, present-day(a) writers of metaphor for new-fashi one and only(a)d adults continue to exsert us sporty opportunities to whoop it up belles-lettres with our assimilators.Oxford Rollercoasters is a serial publication that offers t all(prenominal)ers the luck of set upvas glorious assemblys of late create verbally for teenagers as whole-class readers with twelvemonth 7, 8 and 9 learners. nidus on judgment of discipline Oxford Rollercoasters includes titles with varied themes, challenging overt intimacy and mesmer ic games for example, Noughts and Crosses takes a very contemporaneous tippytoe on racism, Firestarter features a modern coercive arsonist, eon Fire, buns and bead is condition during the Peasants Revolt. to all(prenominal) one impudent is come with by innovational and amiable in bound heartys, particularally knowing to overhaul students find the texts and to expect information as mandatory by the field of choose Curriculum. Rollercoasters is severely base on the interpret objectives in the Framework, and draws on approaches to education fiction recomm curiosityed by the side of meat strand of the alternative theme Strategy. The serial publication is compose by practising instructors and consultants, and, plot concentrating on the open instruction of meter variant skills, excessively draws on approaches to lit by maneuver and media.Theories tush both judgement for acquisition and persuasion skills be in any case infix in the mater ials. Time-saving resources For each Rollercoasters unfermented thither is a dictated of Lesson Plans, specifying special objectives, judging foc utilizations and acquirement outcomes. These atomic number 18 accompany by a urge Overview (see foliate 4) which summarizes the connive at a glance, including the essential resources for each lesson.The navigator offers a distinctly plot summary, link up to relevant chapters, to servicing speedy side of situation split of the allegory. Lesson Plans atomic number 18 accompanied by full, varied and unimaginative Worksheets and OHTs, and drama activities atomic number 18 commons at bottom the article of faith schemes. The worksheets and OHTs are customizable to carry out the take of a peculiar(a) teacher and class. For every(prenominal) novel thither are suggested head information sessions as wellspring as the luck to give nurture specific group educational activity.Class, share and self-governing inte rlingual rendition are in any case fully reliever in the Lesson Plans. The lend oneself of property some form of training journal during the claim of the novel is support in numerous of the schemes, and thither are some(prenominal) attractive models for such record-keeping crossways the principle materials. every(prenominal) mark of Lesson Plans ends with its knowledge student drill perspicacity make out Sheet, which the teacher can indeed use to find out areas for phylogenesis for each student. version fall out each(prenominal) of the novels has its experience student denotation Guide, which contains a fatty medley of material to serve up to lock away students in their study of the novel. to each one one features unequaled pens ruse material, with child(p) students a enormous keenness into the writing, alter and print process. Ideas for wider reading and for the source of nonparasitic reading are also provided in the Pathways scratch at the end of the recitation Guide. Website supportThe Rollercoasters website provides gate to the excess on-line teachers resources, adjudicate chapters of the novels and gain designer information. Oxford Rollercoasters provides first class teaching resources for first class modern fiction. The series is designed to shackle the widest workable grade of students in reading for pleasure, and we purport confident(p) that it allow tot to those memorable experiences of reading unitedly in the unessential classroom.

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Review of Blue Lagoon Essay

The zesty laguna Explores the garden of promised land The sombre lagoon is often ridculed as a mollycoddle percentage of teenage nudity. as yet I cogitate The voluptuous lagoon raises evoke questions around valet intimateity. How did we assure sex, and what around our knowledgeableity is inhering? The painting presents the incident of an innocent(p) male child and little girl from the overnice Age, shipwrecked on a trade good-looking tropic island. They atomic number 18 presently without whatsoever enceinte counselor-at- legal philosophy whatsover. As children, the twain atomic number 18 inseparable, scarce the delineation presents a credible kind in their consanguinity as they skip to go through the changes of puberty.They put one overt hear the carnal changes that atomic number 18 calamity to their bodies. And they begin to break down outside and stuffy and dotty with distributively otherwise and they take for grantedt quite an check why. What they siret find out is that these changes be business office of the suffice of moving away and underdeveloped a split sexual indentity from from to each one one other. exclusively afterward we tick off the locomote of this revolution to sexual maturity date realised do we essay they be wee-wee to coiffe upon gentles oldest instinct(predicate) in each other, which comes of course to them in time. They so go on to erupt the mysteries of stemma and the mental changes that come with that.former(a) themes such(prenominal) as religion and law are seekd as well. What keeps this film watchable is the peach tree of the actors and the peach of the island. The scenes on the alky tropical island and the quick sorry maritime are attractively piece of cake and dreamlike. The immanent viewer evokes a garden of Eden. And this film seems to take heed and explore the affinity that business leader welcome existed among tenner and eve ning in the tend of Eden, acquire or so love, sex, and children either on their own. And I hypothesize the ikon discontinues it a beauteous good shot. The lively laguna is much deeper than community give it trust for.

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About in katherine mansfield’s miss brill

Ab proscribed in katherine mansfields miss brill In Katherine Mansfields turn tail brill the lecturer is precondition a coup doeil into the animation of an darkened English instructor living in France. take to the woods brill is an older adult female living in exile who enjoys waiver out each sunshine to learn to the band receive in the greenness and eavesdrop into piles conversations. finished the use of literary comp matchlessnts such as contain third individual organize of scenery and vitrineization, Mansfield explores how ones self-perspective lowlife be skewed and results in alienation. These literary components make the epiphany at the end of the tosh more effective. The confine 3rd mortal pointedness of view is defined as a rule of tarradiddletelling in which the narrator knows only the thoughts and feelings of a single character reference, objet dart other(a) characters be presented only externally. This point of view is big to the story so that as the subscriber will non engage in sympathy with overtop brill solely instead encounter her actions as she feigns the cheer in her life. If this story were told in initiative person, the contributor would be experiencing the mind of lack brill as she leads herself with her envisage life. For example, the reader would not be adequate to(p) to fully get word that she is viewing the humankind as an psychotic belief instead of naive realism. At the beginning of the story, the agent introduces a lineament to the readers, Miss brills fur. She had interpreted it out of this thump that afternoon, shaken out the moth-powder, given it a good brush, and rubbed the life back into the obtuse little eye What has been happening to me? verbalize the sad little eyes.(p.84). This fur symbolizes a companionship that is intelligible Miss brill hasnt had in a real long time. Miss brill brush aside be depict as a high-voltage snipe character. A high-octane chara cter to a fault know as a outrage character is a specific face of character or fictional or imagined person in a literary text. A dynamic character is commonly one of the important characters, is presented in a complex and circumstantial manner and usually undergoes a remarkable change in response to the events or circumstances exposit in the plot. In this story the master(prenominal) character is Miss Brill and the condition presents the reader with an corroboratory description of the chief(prenominal) character. Again this is back up by the limited third person point of view. passim the story we ar given perspicacity into how Miss Brill cash in ones chipss out her lone(prenominal) life by going to the approximate range every Sunday to eavesdrop into other peoples tolerates as though she is essay to live vicariously through them. Through this type of description the reader can meet that she lives in this orb through her ingest fantasies. Miss Brill does not live in this reality she lives in the conception that she has seemed to confine do up on her profess. In the paragraph that talks active her reading to the old man save suddenly he knew he was having the theme read to him by an actress An actress Miss Brill responds by verbalise Yes, I have been an actress for a long time.(p.86) so the reader sees she is not rattling an actress, but she is trying to create her own reality. In assign to be a dynamic character it is important that the character undergoes a prominent change in response to events. This leads to the undermentioned important literary elementepiphany.

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Arabic Culture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Arabic Culture - Assignment ExampleAlso, Arabic traditions and cuisine is gener in ally influenced by the geographic localitys that score the Arab region (Ayalon 14). This paper will look at three cultural practices that are impacted by history and geography.First, Brides all over the Arab region take part in the customary henna ceremony or party. All the countries in the Arab region consider henna as both decorative and carrying fertility and good luck to the women who are going to be married (Ayalon 31). In some Arab regions, females go to a party unawares prior to the wedding where the feet and distributes of the bride are painted with elaborate outlines. The henna paste is applied in a cautious manner and should stay unswayed on the skin for a number of hours to form a stout dark blemish. During this period the bride is kept company by her family and friends and this is her last chance to socialise without the watch of her companion and, finally, a household. In other Arab regions, the application of henna may be applied directly before the wedding or constitute part of the ceremony.Second, Muslim eating practices exist all over the Arab region. Arab Muslims do not consume any alcohol or eat meat from pigs. In addition, these people keep the left hand at the side and eat with the right one during meals. This is because Muslim Arabs in all regions perceive the left hand as unclean. They are also extremely cautious not to point the sole of their feet at another person during meals, if they are sitting on the floor. This is presumed to be offensive (Ayalon 38). Arab cuisine is also a mixture of richly different cuisines from all over the Arab region from northern Africa to the Middle East. They also consume carve up of tea or coffee before, during, or after meals.Finally, Arab communities have an extremely strict policy regarding female and male interaction. A large part of the Arab region is made up

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Confidential Organizational Information and Employee Responsibility Essay

Confidential Organizational Information and Employee Responsibility - Essay ExampleThis breach at Sony do experts question the level of security that is associated with other companies that have in their possession millions of data records linked to different users. The situation at Sony should be used by those in the area of IT security to recognize and implement security protocols in a consistent manner throughout their organizations. In the case of customers, they should be heedful of the people they give their data as it may not be worth the price of getting an access to online games.The PlayStation outage was caused by an external intrusion that was order at the PlayStation communicate associated with Sony as well as Qriosity serve and involved personal data linked to almost seventy seven million accounts beingness stolen while preventing users using PS 3 and PS Portable consoles from being able to play online using the service (Daniel & Daniel, 2012). This attack took pl ace on April ordinal and went on up to the nineteenth of April in 2011, thereby obliging Sony to shut the PlayStation network on the twentieth. Sony ultimately confirmed that person each(prenominal)y identifiable information associated with all of the seventy seven million accounts had been stolen on 4th May and the outage that followed went on to last twenty three days.During the outage, almost seventy seven million PlayStation Network accounts that had already been registered were affected, making it the biggest data security breach in history. It was even bigger than the TJX hack that took place 2007 that had affected approximately forty-five million customers (Delta & Matsuura, 2009). Officials from the governments of different nations were concerned about the theft and the manner in which Sony delayed before it gave a warning to its users. On 26 April, Sony gave the statement that it was trying to get its online services running in a weeks time and went on to release PS 3 fir mware version 3.61 as a security patch. The users of this firmware were

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International competitiveness and competitive advantage Essay

International competitiveness and competitive avail - Essay ExampleThe current state of the global economy development and evolution along with the increasing tendency of its competitiveness is known to be related, primarily, with increasing of the competitiveness of its businesses, the loss of which in the course of economic reforms prove the most significant shortcomings. The success of the identifying and forming objectives the competitive advantage are called to improve the industrial competitiveness companies. This fact, however, makes them more dependent on the level of development of methodological approaches to the establishment and effective functioning of the competitive advantage in general.In accordance with the world practice, the market relations represent the interconnected solution to these problems. The use of these principles guarantees the amplification of the competitiveness of the enterprises. The main areas of competitive advantage of the organizations secur ity are concentration of resources for the company to predict the actions of competitors, holding the initiative in the competition, software resource likely to achieve the goals, development flexible planning firms in the market. The competitive advantage that in specific markets determines various competitors is a significant factor in climate, or the competitive situation on the commodity market. Competitive advantage is defined a set of characteristics, properties of the product or brand that creates for the company definite advantage over its direct competitors.

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Three stages in the international product life cycle theory Essay

Three stages in the international product life cycle theory - Essay ExampleProduction of a particular product in a certain region is based on market analysis regarding resource availability, needs, and purchasing power of the target market. The characteristics of this stage argon that the sales volumes and prices are high. At this level, the demand is greater than the supply with little competitors in the niche thus allowing for expansion of the business. Furthermore, at this stage the advertisement is at its peak with the technique having tremendous effect on the target market. During the growth stage, international imitators have had no chance to create imitations at a cheaper price that eventually destabilizes the market. A good example of a company that vividly elaborates this stage is Chinese Tecno Mobile Phone Company. The company based in the most populated boorish came up with a product to meet the demand for cheap Smartphone. The company realized massive loot in 2004 when it started.The next stage of the cycle is the matureness stage. In this stage, the demand becomes level, and the rate of increase of sales is reduced. At this level, the imitators have had enough time to create a product that creates competition in the procurable market at a cheaper price. However, esteemed customers who enjoy services of the original product which explained a level demand of the product as no mod customers are using the product. Producer of the original product at this stage might opt to reduce prices if competition on the available market becomes stiff. The diminish sales volume and prices lead to a reduction in the amount of profits realized at a specific financial period (Funk,2004). A good example of this is the Antex Knitting Meals located in Los Angeles. The profits realized by the company after establishment in 1979 were high compared to the current profits selling 2.7 million yards of fabric per week. Currently, the company sales add up to 1.5million ya rds of fabric per week.Decline is the

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The Learning Curve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Learning Curve - Essay ExampleAs the essay starts, David Sedaris is strand saying The teaching job was offered at the last minute, when the scheduled teacher found a better paying job of delivering pizza (Sedaris, 2009, p.83). This sentence is real funny as it creates a situation in the mind of readers that the scheduled teacher was just about to make his way to school but and then he changed his path and opted to deliver pizza for more m unmatchabley. Thinking about a teacher (or about to be teacher) delivering pizza on a cycle per second itself seems very funny. In the very next sentence David Sedaris is found saying that he was given two weeks to contrive and in those two weeks he did prepare by standing in front of the mirror and practicing Hello , class, my name is Mr. Sedaris (Sedaris, 2009, p.83). The author has used irony in this particular sentence to elucidate his situation. He was given a couple of weeks to prepare notes and practise the way he would teach instead he spent those weeks in practising how he would introduce himself to the class. In one part of the essay, David Sedaris writes childbirth is one of those details that looks to slip the mind of most opera characters (Sedaris, 2009, p.85). It was funny to read this because of the situation that was created before this sentence rattling emerged in the essay. David Sedaris was describing Victoria Buchanan high-school reunion and how she passed out and ended up with a hippie. It was then the writer said the following words. This type of humour is called cheesy comedy. to a lower place such type of comedy a writer looks to humorously degrade someone or a group of people by making through with(predicate) jokes. In reality people forget that someone is being degraded because the joy of laughter is greater than the insult being made (Young, 2002, p.95). At one other portion of the essay the writer writes Nobody dies on Wednesday hadnt these people learned anything? (Sedaris, 2009, p.86) . The funny thing about the sentence is that David Sedaris is the teacher and he is asking whether the students had or had not learned anything. His clueless state of mind together with the absurd reasoning that nobody dies on Wednesday makes him sound like a slapstick comedian. According to Judy Carter, slapstick comedy is something that makes an actor look foolish and funny at a very serious entourage. Thus when David Sedaris says that nobody dies on Wednesday on a serious situation it makes him sound goofy and slapstick (Carter, 2001, p.60). Although it business leader be used as light humour, some of the text might be offending to some of the readers and could be regarded as a little controversial. When David Sedaris says that he managed to get the teaching job as the scheduled teacher failed to learn up because he got a better paid pizza delivery job, he seems to degrade the teaching occupation. Teaching is regarded as a very hefty job as it is expected from the teachers to i mpart knowledge and groom the youth of a nation. But it does not look like David Sedaris places the same importance to it. as well he is shown as an irresponsible teacher setting the wrong kind of example to the other teachers to follow. There comes huge responsibility with this occupation and the writer understandably laid more emphasis on his semblance when he talked about rehearsing in front of the mirror. Though funny it sets the wrong message to the larger audience. The

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The idea of suffering as a' call to the Other' Assignment

The idea of poor as a call to the Other - Assignment ExampleThat socio-economic class Eric Cassel published a paper on suffering based on his experience as MD. This work that first appe ard in New England Journal of treat launched a new direction in discussing suffering in healthcare setting. Lots of representatives of other disciplines used Cassels understanding of suffering in their publications to draw away attention to the fact that suffering is not related fair(a) to physical injury or some disease, but relates to human suffering as sanitary (Cassel, 1991). The core idea of Cassels perception of suffering is that the latter is experienced by persons, not merely by bodies, and has its source in challenges that threaten the intactness of a person as a complex social and psychologic entity (Cassel, 1982, p. 639). Moreover, the author expresses the view that suffering can include paroxysm, yet is not restricted to it. Importantly, he asserts that to discharge human suffering is the obligation of the medical care. Cassels comparisons and studies in the area of pain and human suffering, as well as his thoughts on message are compatible with the themes of nursing and medical care explored in history. However, in practice one can find that despite their historic meaning, both medicine and nursing often fail to carry out this important duty within modern healthcare. Instead, they have become over technical and depersonalized. To our exploration of suffering as a Call to the Other, Cassels study of the illness and its meaning seems specifically relevant since it can be well applied to the nursing practice. Cassel thinks of personal meaning as a basic and principal dimension of what we know as personhood. To add, Cassel provides explanation of the importance of recognition of personal meaning. In particular, the researcher states that this recognition is life-and-death in understanding peoples illnesses and sufferings. Finally, Cassel rebukes current medic ine for its ignorance of persons spirit that drives human life, or in other words for its harm to include the transcendent dimension. ORIGINS OF SUFFERING In his study Medicine and Human Suffering, Professor Hiram Caton asserts that the origin of suffering within humans is their anxiety of death. He writes, The fundamental human suffering is knowledge of mortality (Caton, 1998). However, the vision of origins of suffering is far more complex. Suffering is classified as physical and psychological. For instance, Tudor speaks of physical, psychological suffering, and affliction. Recognizing the existing dichotomy between mind and body, Tudor defines physical suffering as suffering felt as physical pain and psychological suffering as suffering felt as psychological pain (Tudor, 2001 23). In relation to psychological suffering, the term of affliction has been successfully developed by Weil. In his interpretation, suffering is perceived as affliction and it involves a combination of psyc hological distress, pain felt physically, and some social elements. In addition, psychological suffering is as well known as sorrow, which seems to be unable to accurately reflect such states as distress, despair, anguish, shock, etc (Wyschgorod, 1990 34). Psychological and physical suffering differ not just in the nature of pain that the Other experiences, but in terms of expressibility as well. On the basis of careful observation, Scarry has come to the conclusion that Physical pain does not simply resist language but actively destroys it, bringing

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What is the main difference between Aristotle's account of virtue and Essay

What is the main difference between Aristotles count on of fairness and Socrates account of virtue Who has the more plausible view - Essay ExampleIn this way, Aristotle has accepted the Socrates account of virtue as related to courage only he is differentiated from Socrates to the following point courage, which, in the form of knowledge, is for Socrates the basis of virtue (Kahn 1998, p.85), is considered for Aristotle just an element of virtue the latter, in accordance with Aristotle, is likely to be influenced from other elements and values, such as eudaimonia (Klosko 2006). The differences regarding the views of Socrates and Aristotle on virtue are analytically presented below explanations are given, as possible by referring to the relevant texts. Also, suggestions are made regarding the potential limitation of the distance between the views of Socrates and Aristotle on virtue and its elements.The key difference between Aristotles account of virtue and Socrates account of virt ue is highlighted in the study of Achtenberg (2002) in accordance with the above researchers, Socrates emphasized on virtue as knowledge, while Aristotle considered virtue as related to the behavioural characteristics of individually individual in the context of Aristotles account of virtue, virtue is an element of human behaviour which requires the emotional development of the person involved (Achtenberg 2002, p.24). From this point of view, minors cannot have virtue at least not in its full form since their emotional development is still in progress.The importance of knowledge as a criterion for virtue has been the key characteristic of Socrates account of virtue. Curren (2000) noted that Plato accepted the view of Socrates that wisdom is a key element of virtue (Curren 2000, p.48). It is on this basis that the suggestions of Plato on education have been based. Taking into consideration the fact that virtue can be taught, as Socrates supported, Plato developed the framework

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Causes of Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Causes of Juvenile Delinquency - Research Paper ExampleCynthia (2008) further highlights that the juvenile mash systems atomic number 18 determined by the idea that children who violate the law and get into problems should be assisted, guided and helped instead of being punished. This system was formed around the p arntal concept which advocates that the court should act as a parent, and develop an interfered part to protect the juvenile rather than seeking to determine guilt or innocence. However, different states in the valet de chambre have established juvenile courts, which have age limits that are used to determine the extent of the offence charged. This is because some crimes committed by juvenile tramp be heard and determined by criminal courts and trials listened as those of adults (Cynthia, 2008). Globally, there has been an increase in juvenile delinquency in many countries which can be attributed to many cases. This paper shall present and analyze the causes of juven ile delinquency and highlight some of the dependent and independent variables and the criminological theory concerned with cases. There are several theories which are used to explain the causes of juvenile delinquency. ... Vitaro, Bredger and Trembley (2002, as cited in Mandela, 2008) argue that the family has a big influence on a childs development which can be positive or delinquent. In the light of family influences, the world youth report highlights that minors who are given proper watch are unlikely to be involved in criminal activities. Therefore, juvenile delinquency can be linked to abnormal or undesirable family settings which are usually characterized by lack of parental guidance. Juvenile delinquency is influenced by poor internal guidance, premature autonomy and frequent conflict. Juvenile delinquency is influenced by some of these factors because they influence the family background which they live in. Changes in the family institution in the society today are influenc ing how minors grow. The family institution form is becoming modified with time (Mandel, 2008). For example, single parent families have increased. The absence of one parent to guide the child, especially boys, leads them to seek and acquire behavior from the group they interact with, much(prenominal) as peers. These groups end up taking the family institutions roles, and they influence the morals of a minor and contribute towards acquiring of negative behavior such as rigorousness (United Nations, 2004). In addition, the capacity of parents in a family to provide children with what they require for their daily lives, such as books and others things, influences the behavior of the children. Some may feel excluded, and they can be motivated to join juvenile delinquent groups to satisfy their needs. Finally, communication in a family can also influence juvenile delinquency (United Nations, 2004). Moreover, if there are adult offenders in a family, they can

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DLA Piper Business Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DLA Piper Business - Case Study ExampleMiller respectively. Moreover, in the global whos who of business lawyers legal awards, Edward J Levin, Elliot M Surkin, Charles l Edwards, Robert H Goldman and David Glickstein are among those who happened to be recognized internationally. There is a plethora of competitively experienced individuals and a truthful national mode of networking. Over the past year, the exceptional large team has been preoccupied with a varied range of contentious issues as work related fatalities and explosions (Lorsch & Chernak, 2006). In addition, the company is also expanding to the non-contentious issues as giving sufficient advice to companies on compliance related matters. For instance, Paul Burnley, client focused, has a unspoilt reputation in health and safety cases and many clients profess satisfaction with his service. The company has a customer approach to offering its function. In legal advice, a majority of the client are informed in the language t hey can best comprehend for satisfaction and an emphasis and unlimited synthesis to matter pertaining to the law. To the chat up cases, proper documented evidence is given with prior filing of documents at the clerks offices. ... The competent lawyers who come to the root the law undertake detailed case proceedings. In addition, the company was the second largest supporter of president Barrack Obama re-election campaign (Lorsch & Chernak, 2006). This is to unveil the loopholes that may not have been underscored in the search for justice. There are opportunities to amplify into new countries and give legal advice, to absorb new graduates in the bar into the firm and also expand the scope of operations of the company to some other areas in law. The challenges that abound the firm are to start with is the navigation into a multi jurisdictional environment. This is where legal suits happen in a country albeit the lawyers do not view the jurisdictional customs, or a transfer of suit to other jurisdictions. Secondly, the process of mastering the European market for competent arbitrage opportunities turns out to be a drawback to the firm. Thirdly, the company is trying to make prior up to date preparations for consolidation and ensure there is greater competition to competitors. Consequently, less complex legal services should be offered to clients and DLA piper is obliged to be customer- focused. The long-term leadership of the firm is also a challenge that needs to be addressed. It is prudent a termination to address the challenges faced by the company so as to come up with better management methods of legal entities. In the event, better services and organizations depart come up. In the Adler and Gunderson case, the company should be well able to transcend the national boundaries and impart new knowledge to others. An example of the company is that it should traverse other boundaries to establish new operations there. In the event, it will become a

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Bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Bullying - Essay ExampleThe individuals may fail to expose the emotional hurt, plainly this may affect their academic and social aspects.Physical bullying is the most common among schools. This usually occurs when the perceived stronger pupils inflict physical pain to their vulnerable and outclassed friends, who are unable to defend themselves. Physical bullying may include punching, thrusting and hitting among others. This may alike include destroying an individuals holding (Mishna, 73). Covert is an indirect form of bullying, where the perpetrator spreads unwarranted rumors, reveals an individuals secrets attempts to spoil anothers reputation.Currently, owing to kids adoption of the internet cyber bullying has also emerged. The perpetrators may send threatening messages to the kids, send insulting messages, change an individuals profile, and post obscene photos to individuals among other forms.Involved parties ought to look for ways of eliminating heterogeneous forms of bullyi ng. To begin with, they ought to identify the challenge of bullying. The affected children need to report such cases to the teachers and parents for action. Later the perpetrators need to receive immediate punishment, in order to deter riposte of the

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No tipic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

No tipic - Essay Examplento the impact and the angles from which the media portrayed and presented the Muslim community as a whole and at the same time the level to which they were persecuted through a dedicated segment of media that served based on vested interest and agenda.American society has always been a multi ethnical and multi background carrying individuals who have settled in from the different parts of the world. The Muslims, along with people of other communities, largely the Asians make up for a considerable nation bench. Any effort or any activity that may have been carried out by a group claiming to have done it for the purpose of their religious teachings or any other similar notion, would result in hatred and distancing of the people of other backgrounds from them. The same happened to the Muslims in the American society (Ewing, 152).Surveys have been conducted in this regard to assess the overall situation and bias against Muslims. Matthew Jabber has conducted a su rvey to investigate the existing outlook. According to his findings, based on questions asked from over a two and a half thousand individuals (Stiffler), as many as half of the people questioned and interviewed, believe that there is a persistent negative inclination prevailing in the media with regard to the Muslims image.The Muslim community makes up for a large percentage of American population. They have been part of the American society for extend couple of centuries. Since the events of 9-11 were supposedly undertaken by the people and hijackers who has had affiliations with the Muslims states or the religion in its own existence, it therefore became a direct inference to suspect Muslims. Apart from impartiality making and law enforcing agencies, the attitude and approach of the people within the American society turned comparatively negative towards the Muslims, there was less accommodation for the Muslims and they were relatively less welcomed in the different domains. Th is resulted in a gulf creation between the

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Unemployment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Un enjoyment - Essay ExampleBut these individuals argon not able to find employment at the legal minimum rate of pay due to insufficient economic opportunities within their locality or their skill set. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists individuals as unemployed if they are without a suppose, have been actively seeking work with in the past four weeks and are available for employment. In terms of be when a person qualifies as actively looking for work there are a number of behaviors that identify those presently seeking labor attempting to hint employment agencies, or an employee or directly for the purpose of seeking job interviews. Other methods include attending career centers at local universities, or exclusively querying friends and acquaintances with respect to obtaining employment. Other activities that define an active job seeker would include dispersal of physical resumes or online applications when available, or networking with local labor unions and other passkey organizations, or actively seeking and answering advertisements relating to employment (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009) the involuntarily unemployed are those who are actively seeking opportunities. There are passive measures of searching for employment that do not qualify the individual as being a person actively seeking work. Simply drill advertisements or taking training courses are career related, but are not active. Before any given a job interview, the active job seeker must have been engaged in one active job search within the four preceding weeks while available for employment. These categories are significant with respect to the government assistance with the intent of correcting involuntary unemployment. Categories and behaviors must be identified, and quantified in order to generate effective measures for supporting or addressing those who are seeking work but unable to find it. Many government surveys are also aware of the complexities of measuring unemployment where subsistence farming exists, and questions to determine employment condition attempt to specifically identify those engaging in private, family businesses or farming related activities. The temporal designation of four weeks is necessary, because for planning and funding purposes it is more in force(p) for government agencies to deal with quantifiable numerical values by which they can assign categories (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). Failure to get work can be voluntary, but the only objective indicator of economic viability in this field would be involuntary unemployment. This has implications for government and economists alike, because the rate at which involuntary unemployment occurs is indicative of large trends or weaknesses within society. VARIATIONS OF EMPLOYMENT Yet there are still deviations from employment in the standard labor markets owned by corporatized private area entities. In some countries, it can be difficult to measure the true r ates of unemployment where large-scale subsistence farming occurs, for instance. Individuals outside the model of regular wage employment as common in the industrialized world also create complications for survey analysts. In addition to subsistence farming, there are others who work for occasional payoff on an as needed basis temporarily, and some countries may have significant cottage industries that may or may

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Nationalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Nationalization - Essay ExampleNationalization also occurs if in that respect is a change in government and the semipolitical ideology of the government demands a dramatic change in the countrys economic policy. Many times nationalization has been used to promote industries in the country which cannot be made dependent on outside(prenominal) companies as they cater directly to the people. For example, after Independence from British rule India nationalized its steel industries although it took overhaul from Russia to build steel plant in Rourkela and Bhilai.The most important reason of foreign intervention is the geopolitical and economic interests of powerful states. The interventions dont necessarily have to be of military nature. Economic sanction is a weapon often used to punish the country for being too closed for foreign companies. Recently U.K. has imposed economic sanctions on Iran because of its nuclear programs. Other countries are to follow soon. Another case of geopo litical interests is Iraq where the allied forces invaded on the pretext of Weapons of atomic reactor Destruction. But even after the Hans Blixs report on absence of WMDs, the allied forces continued their operations. Many people argue that the main reason derriere the invasion was oil.In a similar manner corporate interests influence foreign policies of a country. China has been very interfering in the internal matters of its conterminous country Nepal because of the corporate interests. Nepalese market is flooded with Chinese goods. Corporate interests may not lead to military invasions but they certainly influence countries to receive protectionist measures. Ideological interests in democracy are also as major factor which leads to interventions. Human welfare is also cited one of the major reasons but there is considerable debate about the authenticity of such claims. While U.S. intervention in Iraq was justified for removing

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Search on the internet for a graph in your field of study that is Statistics Project

Search on the internet for a graph in your field of study that is misleading and discuss. Please also attach a link to the graph so that we can refer to the graph in your discussion - Statistics Project ExampleThe third bars height is more(prenominal) than double that of the second bar, yet the value it represents is not. There is definitely an inconsistency presented in the illustration of the military rating of the company.Another part of the graph which is misleading is the federal agency the horizontal axis is scaled. Although the bars are equally spaced, the dates that they represent have uneven breakups. The first bar be the month of December, the second bar represented January but the next two bars represented two dates in March. One also noticed that the valuation for May 2011 was not included in the graph. Furthermore, the month of July showed three separate bars indicating valuations for three different days in the month. The author of the graph should be consistent as to the time interval that he wants to depict in his graph. Does he want it to be bi-monthly or monthly? Moreover, if he chooses to make the scale on a monthly basis, figures shown should be the same date of every month. He can consider using the first day or the last day of the month. The consistency of information presented is alert to prevent misleading the interpreters of the graph. This illustration confuses the readers because the trend that is shown is not reflective of the real picture of the company valuation since different time intervals are shown.PrivCo. (2011, August 24). Facebook valuation suffers first-ever consecutive drop. Retrieved April 11, 2012, from

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Environmental issues Essay Example for Free

Environmental issues EssayWhat ways has come acrossing about bracing surroundal issues changed the way of living sustainably? The knowledge of environmental issues has changed the way we live. We learn a lot from our past experiences. Environmental problems paved a way for scientific advancements. An example of this is the invention of alternative fuel in vehicles. Environmental issues help promote social networks among countries. Information technology improved our communication with other people. We learn about counter measures of certain environmental problems from them and in turn, we share our knowledge to them. In our everyday lives, we learn the importance of cleanliness and discipline. Throwing our garbage anywhere might jump out an epidemic and result to death of animals and plants as well as humans. What important information has the greatest impact on the way you think about the environment? How can you apply this knowledge in the future? The most important informat ion that changed my way of thinking about the environment is the knowledge of Global Warming. wherefore? Well, among the biggest mistakes humans ever made was to cause the depletion of the ozone layer.Its effects are devastating yet there isnt an effective way of stopping it. The knowledge of much(prenominal) issue will help save humanity. I may be the one to find a way to stop Global Warming in the future. Nevertheless, if only all will help in solving this problem, we might be able to find the most effective way of economic system the environment, saving our own lives. Reference Global warming. (n. d. ). Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. Retrieved March 02, 2007, from Answers. com Web site http//www. answers. com/topic/global-warming

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Commercial item transport and distribution Essay Example for Free

Commercial item transport and distribution EssayThere has been a gradual change in the fashion of case for last years.For instance, earlier fruits and vegetables were used to be transported in wooden boxes but today unlifelike crates argon used .This is mainly to pull down the cost. Obviously,a cardboard crate would cost less than wooden crate. Moreover,using cardboard crates is more eco fri terminately than cutting trees and making wooden boxes and supporting an environmental cause helps firms better their goodwill and eventu solelyy their sales.Similarly,selling of milk,first in glass bottles,then in packets, then tetra packs and vending machines is all to reduce costs or improve their goodwill by innovating the mode of packaging. Tetra pack keeps the milk safe for months and is made of paper and can be recycled. Plastic packets incur lesser costs and vending machines in itself have no packaging cost. So,companies use new and unique mode of packaging to ,one,reduce their c osts,two,to promote the product.Packaging refers to the container or wrapper that holds a product or group of products. intimately commercial packaging serves two basic functions protecting the product from damage during shipping, and promoting the product to the ultimate consumer. Some common types of packaging include shipping cartons, containers for industrial goods, and bags, boxes, cans, and other holders for consumer products. Packaging is of great importance to both sellers and buyers of products. It can prevent spoiling, breakage, tampering, or theft enhance convenience in use or shop and make products easier to identify.A significant improvement in packaging can even create a new product by expanding the ways in which it can be used, and thus its potential markets. For example, a soup that is packaged in a microwavable bowl might suddenly increase its sales to working people. Prior to World War II, packaging was used primarily to surround and protect products during stor age, transportation, and distribution. Some packages were designed with aesthetic appeal and even for ease-of-use by the end consumer, but package design was typically left to technicians. After World War II, however, companies became more interested in marketing and promotion as a means of enticing customers to purchase their products.As a result, more manufacturers began to view packaging as an integral element of overall business marketing strategies to charm buyers. This increased attention to packaging coincided with socioeconomic changes taking place around the world. As consumers became better educated and more affluent, their expectations of productsand their reliance on themincreased as well. Consequently, consumers began to rely much more heavily on manufactured goods and processed food items. New technologies related to production, distribution, and preservatives led to a massive proliferation in the way out and type of products and brands available in industrialized na tions.Thus, packaging became a vital means of differentiating items and informing inundated consumers. The importance of consumer packaging was elevated in the get together States during the late 1970s and 1980s. Rapid post-war economic expansion and market growth waned during that period, forcing companies to focus increasingly on luring consumers to their product or brand at the spending of the competition. Package design became a marketing science. And, as a new corporate cost-consciousness developed in response to increased competition, companies began to alter packaging techniques as a way to cut production, storage, and distribution expenses. Furthermore, marketers began to view packaging as a tool to exploit existing product lines by adding new items and to tenderness new life into maturing products.Today, good package design is regarded as an essential part of successful business practice. Since many potential customers first notice a new product after it has arrived on t he shelves of a store, it is vital that the packaging provide consumers with the information they need and motivate them to make a purchase. But packaging decisions involve a number of tradeoffs. While making a product visible and distinctive may be the top priority, for example, businesses must also observe with a variety of laws regarding product labeling and safety. Protecting products during transport is important, but businesses also need to keep their shipping costs as low as possible. admit mode material Disadvantages of wooden crates-Deterioration* After wooden pallets are used several times, the wood begins to wear. It splinters, cracks and even breaks under the pressure of continued use. The disablement is natural and occurs eventually, even if the wood is treated to repel moisture and to strengthen it. This disadvantage leads to replacement much sooner than with plastic pallets. Infestation* Wooden pallets are more susceptible to infestation by termites, ants and other insects that make their home inside the wood. Pallets stored outdoors are more likely to succumb to infestation than the ones unbroken within a warehouse. The insects burrow into the wood, eating away at it and thus weakening what should be a support structure.. Cleanliness* In addition to germs, wooden pallets are collectors of dirt and debris. Cleaning them becomes more and more difficult over time as the pallets age. They must be heat-treated to get rid of the contamination and washed to be rid of dirt and debris. However, the heat accelerates deterioration, and the water, if improperly dried, can feed mold spores that thrive on wood and harm the vegetables and fruits inside it.Advantages of cardboard crates-Protects Items* As packaging, cardboard protects vegetables being shipped or moved. Corrugated cardboard often has multiple pieces of cardboard placed on top of each other to cushion soft vegetables. twopenny Material* Cardboard is cheap to produce, and is usually made fro m recycled materials and doesnt cost much money if purchased wholesale. Other packaging materials are made from plastic, wood or metal, all expensive materials that are often heavier then cardboard, which adds continues Read full essay

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The Use of ICT in Primary Science Learning

The Use of ICT in Primary attainment LearningEarlier in the history of electronic pushment, children in highly developed countries had learned to appreciate and engagement simple to complex electronic gadgetries but never understood basic principles behind them. Some knew how to put robots but could not understand how the motor or magnets in it work. In other words they learn to walk before they crawl.Concerns nourish reached the classroom as todays educational systems use more of ICT in teaching basic principles of English, Mathematics, and Science teaching. The question whether how much exposure and competence the pupils must arrest on certain knowledge principles before they ar exposed to ICT as a means of performing laborious, repetitive or more complex confinements is a challenge for educators of today. The conditions and all education stakeholders must however understand that the uses of ICT tools are an advantage to both teachers and pupils.Results of several studies conducted finishedout the world revealed that the use of ICT greatly maturation the level of nurture and understanding of the pupils on the scientific principles being studied (Betts, 2003, Mistler-Jackson Songer, 2000, Hogarth et. al, 2006).In fact the ICT tools can notwithstanding be use to demonstrate information principles in a safer way. For instance, teaching electricity principles to pupils can be both interesting and dangerous. But the advent of computer hardwares and softwares has made it more motivating and recognize minus the hazards. Primary knowledge and skills about how electrical circuits work, how much power is required for certain types of lights, and others can be learned through mannikin and not in actual exposure to real electrical circuits.To determine if ICT is really needed for primary erudition education and understand when is the proper timing of its origination into the learn process it is proper to understand first what ICT applications are nec essary and how can they be integrated into the learning systems? What are the advantages and disadvantages of its applications?Types of ICT learning tools in scienceThe use of ICT in teaching science for primary education came in various forms. Review of schools science teaching modules show the use of ICT hardwares and softwares to obtain and use science information, encoding of data, and creating presentations. Science information materials can be obtained from CD-ROM based encyclopedia and other e-books, journals, and articles, through a wide variety of profit locations, and through local and international electronic library net whole kit. There are a lot of word processing softwares that can be used to bring in science reports including customized programs for science report preparations. Data processing programs, spreadsheets, databases used for logging science data, processing them, and analyzing the results and its implications are already available for use.Higher-level appl ications include the use of feigning programs to explain scientific principles and perform experiments in virtual conditions. There are experiments, which are impractical to conduct under normal conditions but can be simulated in computers to show the implications to let the pupils appreciate and understand. Example to this are CD programs that show what would hap compile if we walk on surfaces of different planets, what are the magnitudes of the gloominess in Mars, Pluto, our moons, and others. Children can appreciate the effects through computer images animated based on the actual situation in the simulated locations.Advantages of ICT science learning toolsThe use of ICT tools has a lot of determine advantages over the use of conventional methods of instructions such as the traditional ordinary chalk and board and the pen and paper system. Several of these identified edge of ICT is discussed below.In primary level ICT applications on data logging using sensitive probes to measu re temperature, light, pressure, acidity, and other parameters increase the affectivity in data gathering and extend the range and accuracy of the observations. Ordinary tools used to gather these data such as thermometers, pressure gauges, pH meters or pH papers, and others require manual reading and data quality is dependent on the childs skills and mode. The use of ICT based instruments has helped free the children from doing laborious task and repetitive works and focus their attention on analysing the meaning of the data.The use of networks through Internet, intranets, e-libraries, and other ICT medium widened the pupils access to information and even brought him to places virtual which cannot be accessed easily with conventional means without ICT. Children can access information from libraries in other European, American, Asian, and other countries around the globe without leaving the classroom. cloak software used in science learning provides higher achievements of students t han those not using the simulation, with girls achieving equally with boys (Huppert, 2002).The use of ICT in the classroom makes as much beg on teachers understanding and mediation as non-computer activities however it speeds up the process and makes use of class times more efficiently by eliminating board works as replaced by computer presentations. Illustrations and examples are more realistic with use of virtual replica of real world figures like plants, animals, and objects.ICT has really made learning more fun and exciting and even made to raise the enthusiasm of the pupils as learning is made easy and enjoyable just like games.Disadvantages and problems middling like any other promising technologies the use of ICT has perceived problems in education and in application to teaching-learning in particular. Several reports and reviews enumerated these problems which can be grouped into teacher related, facility related, and learner related.As far as the teachers are concerned, r eview of Hogarth, et. al (2006) revealed some of those involved in utilizing ICT in science classes work doubts over the value of ICT in promoting learning in science lessons. This is caused by the fact that many ICT resources have no clear rationale for their inclusion in teaching. The worst case is that some teachers lack adequate training to handle ICT programs and if they are trained they lack the time to plan for effective use of ICT in their lessons. Some teachers lack confidence on the effectiveness of some hardware and software used in the process while others felt threatened by the presence in the classroom of a new, powerful source of information. Yerrick Hoving (1999) also reported that despite similarities in teachers knowledge on ICT the implementation of ICT programs differ with teachers which could have been affected by the schools and teachers practices.In relation to facilities, Hogarth, et al. (2006) reported thither are planning difficulties associated with ban ks of networked computers being located centrally in rooms which had to be booked in advance for the instructional purposes. These are caused by shortage of computers and other hardware and the lack of technical support. Materials in CD-ROMS and websites used in science researches must be controlled to conform to standards. Proliferation of non-approved materials in CDs and online can be a threat to performance and the quality of primary science learning.On the part of the pupils the use ICT, which speeds up the processes may cause learning disparities across different types and learning capacities of pupils especially in the heterogeneous classes wherein fast learners are merged with medium and slow learners.The Importance and Timing of ICT programs in science learning.It has been properly illustrated above that advantages of using ICT in primary science education outweighs that of the disadvantages and that problems identified from different settings can be solved with proper plan ning and coordination among stakeholders.Whether or not to adopt ICT programs to improve the learning of process skills among primary science pupils is already out of question. The question would be how much exposure to theories and learning the principles of science process skills the learners need before they are exposed to ICT applications. Is it necessary that theories must be learned first before application, or the other way around?The answer requires common sense and areas of concern must be dealt in a case to case basis. There are process skills that require just basic competency such as data encoding, internet browsing, CD-ROMS access. But there are skills that require just theoretical knowledge before ICT applications are used. Graphing is one particular case. To understand the graph, pupils must be taught how it is done and how to anaylyse them.But there are cases when innovativeness and flexibility on the part of the teacher is a better judge. To site an example in most cases pupils are taught about the basics on the physico-chemical properties, such as those mentioned above (temperature, pressure, pH, etc) and what these things are all about before they must be exposed on how to obtain the measurable properties whether conventional of through ICT. The use of ICT here just replaces the conventional which at this age are really outdated. But try to think that other teachers uses unique methods of presenting situations first via simulation software or even data logging programs to spur curiosity among pupils before discussing in depth the concepts behind them. Concepts such as magnetism, the earth, and others can be treated this way. Unless properly regulated, a teacher has the leeway to use his styles in order to achieve the learning outcomes. As a matter of fact, who discourages innovation? resultWe have lived into the Third Wave, the Information Age, and no one can argue about that. Whether we like it on not everyone even those who are out of scho ol are exposed to ICT in everyday lives from the TV, the microwave ovens, the heaters, the street lights and everything. These electronic gadgets which have ICT software integrated in them confront us without any advance or basic knowledge about the theories behind them. The fact is everything can be learned if one desires. So if you are tasked to know how to operate a microwave oven you dont have to understand how the microwave works on the food. But if you want to know about it you have the prerogative to learn. The fountainhead is as long as the basic requirement is satisfied then let the children use ICT to learn more.ReferencesBritish Educational Communications and Technology government agency (Becta). 2004. Moving on The role of ICT in pupils transition. Millburn Hill Road Science Park Coventry CV4 7JJInformation and communication technology in primary schools The Annual Report of Her Majestys Chief Inspector of Schools 2004/05. Retrived on Jan 4, 2008 from http//live.ofsted, S., (2003). Does the use of ICT affect quality in learning science at Key Stage 3? Studies in Teaching and Learning, pp. 9-17.Hogarth S, Bennett J, Lubben F, Campbell B, Robinson A (2006) ICT in Science Teaching. Technical Report. In Research Evidence in Education Library. capital of the United Kingdom EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London.Huppert, J. (2002). Computer simulations in the high school Students cognitive stages, science process skills and academic achievement in microbiology. outside(a) Journal of Science Education, 24 (8), pp. 803-821.Mistler-Jackson, M., Songer, N.B., (2000). Student motivation and internet technology Are students empowered to learn science? Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 37 (5), pp. 459-479.Yerrick, R., Hoving, T., (1999). Obstacles confronting technology initiatives as seen through the experience of science teachers A comparative study of science teachers beliefs, planning, and practice. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 8 (4), pp. 291-307.

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Separatism and Conflict in Catalonia

Separatism and Conflict in CataloniaAbstractThe following research paper focuses on Catalonias desire for Independence. The mull was carried come forward on a week-long field school in Barcelona, Northern Spain. Throughout this withdraw, the history, culture and politics and the evolved grace of the city was analysed. These aspects were analysed to enable us to desexualise a vivid agreement of the divergence that has taken place in Catalonia throughout its struggle for independency. Through this analysis three main themes surfaced, these were memory, difference and separationism. The main aim of the research carried out through traces was to answer the following question Will Catalonia lapse to violence to achieve independence? A mixed regularitys court was used in pose to get answers from participants, it was a suitable method because high quality information and opinions were established. footThe history of Catalan separationism is complex. Giner (1984) has give t ongue to that Modern Catalonia is the outcome of the unification of numerous great and intricate sets of long-term historical phenomena. Catalonia is a member of Spains self-g overning societies in the Northeast of the coarse whose history is somewhat separate from that of Spain, in that large fragments of Spain were historic anyy ruled by the jacket cr aver of Castile, authoritatively speaking barbaric Spanish, and Catalan was part of the crown of Aragon, officially speaking experient Catalan. Catalonia is an ara which is rich in separatism, an argona which is longing for its own independence from Spain. The following paragraphs will analyse and discuss the separatism that exists in Catalonia in Barcelona.To describe separatism, one would say that itis the promotion or practice of separation of a particular assembly of peoplefrom a topnotch body because of factors like ethnicity, religion, or gender. Separatism is continuously occurringthroughout Europe. A gear up example of a separatist body politic is the region ofCatalonia inside Barcelona. Catalonia, who is eminent of its own identity andlanguage, is one of Spains wealthiest and nearly industrialised regions, andalso one of the or so independent-minded. However, since 1714, Catalonia hasstruggled to maintain its own culture, language and territory (,2017).There be threekey events that have led to the emergence of Catalan separatism, the 1705 struggleof the Spanish Succession, Catalonias jut out for rival claimant to theSpanish throne, and Francos Dictatorship. Archduke Charles of Austria of theHouse of Habsburg, against nance Philp V from the House of Bourbon, resulted inthe suppression of its parliament and traditional liberties upon the lattersvictory (BBC News, 2017). In the nineteenth century there was somewhat arevival in Catalonia. At this point in its history, Catalonia was the leader ofindustrialisation deep down Spain and had experienced a pagan revitalisation,h ere commenced a movement to upraise Catalan culture and language, which resultedin the rise of Catalan nationalism.After theformation of a political union with the Aragon regions in 1137, Catalonia aroseand seized extensive economic and political misre turn in through the thirteenth andfourteenth centuries. Then, in 1479 came the replacement of a single monarchyafter the unification of Aragon and Ca serenee.These houses then amalgamated in the late fifteenth century, a periodthat also marked the deterioration of the old Catalan language.Succeedingeighteenth-century political manoeuvrings in Castile caused the Spanish War ofSuccession in which the regions in Catalonia were in support of the Austriancontender for the crown. Catalonia merged into Spain which resulted in theinhibition of its language and governance. This then lead to the appearance ofCatalonian nationalism towards the end of the nineteenth century as numerousethnical movements began to insist more than recognition ( Breen et al., 2016).The Commonwealthof Catalonia was first established in April 1914, and devoted a large amount offinance to infrastructure, ethnic and scientific institutions. It was thensolidified in 1925. A fraction of independence was granted during secondSpanish Republic, 1931-1938 (Breen et al., 2016).In the aftermathof the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and Francos progression of power, theCatalan language, political organizations and cultural codes including itsanthem and stick were further suppressed. In November 1971, a large amount ofcultural and political left-wing protestors gathered together and established theAssembly of Catalonia, encouraging the restoration of independence andrecognition of Catalan culture and identity (Breen et al., 2016).Research ContextIt has been expressthat separatism is primarily associated with nationalism and nationalideologies. A nation is an assembly of people who have the belief that they arecomprised of a single people on the unde rcoat of a cultural or historicalcriteria, such as a shared language (Flint, 2017).Members of anation share common ideas about their origins and accept for a common destiny. Theypossess common national symbols including customs, language and religion, andoftentimes are unaware of the fact that their countrys narrative may be createon myths. They are often committed to a certain(prenominal) territory over which they attempt to gain authority, or even thecapacity to overcompensate with their own countrys matters. Nationalism therefore, isthe theory that each nation has the right to a state, thus having the right togovern a portion of territory. The geopolitics of nationalism has resulted inmillions of deaths as people fought to create a state for their nation anddefend their states in the name of national defence, against genuine and allegedthreats. Separatism,secession, irredentism, self-determination, independence, sub-state nationalismare many of the words that are used intercha ngeably to describe the conflictsthat exist among states and would be sub-state. This sort of conflict isnothing original even with the reach of globalisation, transnationalism andthe influence of multinational associations. Separatist schemas continue to be apowerful political force and a challenge to drive home-day global borders. Though separatismin Catalonia is new, nationalism is not. Tensions between Spain and Cataloniahave been notoriously strained since Catalonia came under Spanish rule in 1714during the War of Spanish Succession. In the 19th century, the nationalmovement developed and demanded great independence for Catalonia. Themovement subsequently dealt with the problems Catalonia faced throughout the 19th and20th centuries including the dictatorships of Miquel Primo de Rivera andFrancisco Franco. Francos dictatorship had a major impact on Catalonia, withtheir culture and language being suppressed, because of the practice of theCatalan language and expression of Catalan culture being prohibited. The peopleof Catalonia struggled to possess their own identity separate from Spain duringthis time. After the death of Franco in 1975, the ultranationalistic movement beganmoving in a different direction. As the first decade of the twenty-first century cameto a close, the movement developed further as nationalists began demandingindependence. Tensions remain between Spain and Catalonia in relation to theuse of their own separate language and carrying on with their own culture. Manyseparatist movements follow a mostly diplomatic direction that focuses on the practiceof culture and tradition to activate support and baffle onward with their ownplans (Breen et al., 2016). It isdifficult to tell if Catalonia will take a violent route in order to reachindependence, however it was evident in our surveys that the people ofBarcelona do not think that their country will.Separatism has ceaselessly remained a fundamental part of the character of Europe. It is continuously argued that separatist movements are come up in many Europeanstates, reinvigorated by a backdrop of economic crisis and politicaluncertainty (Bieri, 2014). A quantity of these separatist movements are conjugate withviolent campaigns for independence (e.g. the Basque Region, Corsica) whileothers including Scotland and Catalonia have followed a mainly peaceful routethat has concentrated on the use of culture and heritage to mobilise supportand drive forward separatist agendas (Breen et al,. 2016). There are thought tobe around 45 active separatist movements across 30 countries with their politicalaspirations and methodologies all being very diverse. An integrated European man and wife was at one point according to Liable touted as some kind of magical philosophers stone which could quieten the demands of separatist organisations and curbunrest among national minorities. Perhaps separatism is a resurgent forceacross Europe, separatism according to Bieri has been reinvigo rated in part byan all-encompassing impact of the economic crisis and pervasive politicaluncertainty throughout the EU. It has been said thatseparatist movements either pursue independence within their central states orto form independent states. Separatist movements are protruding within theEuropean Union, which is now estimated to have over 40 separatist parties (EFA,2014). The most noteworthy of these movements include Scotland in the UnitedKingdom, Catalonia and the Basque Country in Spain, and Flanders in Belgium(Bieri, 2014). Separatism in the European Union appears contradictory at first,the European Union is frequently looked upon as a post-sovereign system and perhapsa model for globalization (Mathews, 1997).The European Union resulted from the economic and institutionalintegration of European states in the decades following World War II (Jones,2012). While the European Union isnt a state itself, it is capable of interveningthe national laws and policymaking decisions of it s member states (Krasner,2009). nether the European Union, Europes economy has assimilated into a singlemarket under one currency, the Euro. Despite being so highly integrated,separatist movements are not only emerging but have the potential todestabilize the European Union (Dayton, R. 2015) Bieri has stated that separatism has been revivedin part by the all-inclusive influence of the economic crisis and prevalentpolitical ambiguity throughout the EU. Other than Catalan separatism, another sovereignty well known for their desire for independence, is Scotland. Scotland ceased to be an independent state in the early 1700s. Unique heritage, culture and civil society was not diluted by the union with England, and this is something the people of Scotland passionately requireed. economical nationalism as a political force did not intensify until the 1960s, with the Scottish Nationalist Party winning a by-election. The discovery of oil in the North Sea inspired nationalists to think more aggressively about separatism. Debates about devolution gained momentum during the 1990s and under a labour political relation the Scottish parliament was formed in 1999. 2007 elections saw the SNP make significant gains at Labours expense and Salmond became the First Minister. Further electoral victory in 2011 led to calls for a referendum and in 2012 it was announced that a referendum would be held in 2014. This was purposely set to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the victory of Scottish forces over English invaders at the battle of Bannockburn. The result of the Scottish referendum returned a marginal victory for the No campaign. However, the advent of Brexit has once again instigated a push for independence. Catalonia, intheir fight towards independence, has developed various issues over the years.These include Language, Culture and Self -governance.Tensions overlanguage in Catalonia, particularly from an educational perspective, persevereand in late(a) years have been intensified. At the same time the politicalstruggle between the Catalan and the Spanish central governments has alsoincreased. Woolard and Frekko (2013) have pointed out that the present debatesresemble those of past decades, and thus one could have the notion that nothinghas changed in the socio lingual makeup of Catalonia (Soler-Carbonell,Gallego-Bals and Corona, 2016).Democraticconsolidation resulted in a regenerate state nationalism that saw in the last waveof territorial reforms the culmination of the autonomic model set up in 1978,and the current consideration of economic crisis has reinforced the debate on thenecessity of introducing recentralization policies for economic and efficiencyreasons (Keating, 2009). Thus, after 30years of democracy and devolution the question of self-governance andself-determination corpse at the message of the political debate in Cataloniaand Spain. Thus, it is clearthat much of the separatism that now exists in Catalonia has stemmed fromhisto rical grievances centred around cultural and linguistic identities. Part BMethodologyIn the formationof this report, a mixed methods approachwas used which involved both quantitative and qualitative surveys being carriedout. This turn up to be both a successful but challenging approach. One of themain challenges being language barriers. Although the participants werepassionate about their views, it was difficult to get suitable informationfrom them as they had limited English. A number of people refused to respond asthey didnt understand what was being asked of them. The interviews werecarried out over a number of different areas scattered across the city ofBarcelona. Culture within BarcelonaThe museums ofBarcelona are perhaps the best way to explore and get a better understanding ofBarcelonas Culture. Museums became symbols of the shared social memory establishingthe imagined community a space where the nation could present itself, toitself and to others (Anderson, 1983). El Born Cultural Centre is a prime example ofthis. The Born Centre Cultural is now a Cultural Centre that is in El Born.El Born is a behind that was part of the old Barcelona when the city wasinside the walls, it is now a significant place to visit for its historicalburden. Where we find nowadays the Born Centre Cultural, it was an old marketof iron built in the 19th Century. Some years ago, it was originallyplanned to build a new library for the city of Barcelona, and when they startedconstructing, a tercentenary ruins were found inside that floor. These were theruins of the houses and streets of the people who lived during 1700, thecentury that lived the Spanish invasion which made Catalonia to be part ofSpain until nowadays where there is a longing for independence from Catalans.El born is categorisedas a public space which aims to attract multiple audiences into a conversationabout Catalonias past, present and future. For an example, the centre employsa trilingual style to its exhibit s and artefacts with signposting in Catalan,Spanish and English, with guide books available in French, German and Dutch. Thepolitical utilisation of external visitors is arguably just as important as themobilisation of the citys residents (Breen et al., 2016)The cultural and emotive meaning that the people gave to this ruins must be remarked. In Catalonia, the following proverb exists Roda al mn I torna al born which means Visit the world and come back home office. Ironically, the word born means home to them. This sentence, in fact is the one that is being used for the campaign about the Born Cultural Centre in order to capture the connection between the past, present and future that exists in this space. When visiting the site we were able to imagine the perfunctory life of Spanish ascendants and, in most drives, how they earned a living.El Born Cultural Centre, taken on Tuesday, 28th March, 2017) Interior of the El Born Cultural Centre. This represents the layout of the houses in Barcelona during the 1700s.During the visitto the El Born Cultural Centre, we carried out a survey investigating variousaspects of this very important cultural museum. The interviewees appeared to bevery passionate about the centre, saying that it attracts hundreds of visitors ona daily basis, some of them being the people of Barcelona themselves. Whenasked what the role of the cultural institution was, one interviewee repliedthat it was to preserve the history of the succession war. She went on to saythat it is a real-life way ofwhat life was like during this time, how difficult it was during the war, itshows how small our living space was and how little we had. When askedwhether heritage plays a role in the Catalan separatist movement, she replied Yes, it is the reason why there was a war. decorate within BarcelonaLandscape is the outcomeof a bodied revolution of nature. It is the cultural translation of asociety on a particular portion of nature, and this translation is not onlymaterial, but also spiritual, ideologic and symbolic. In this sense,landscape acts as a hub of meaning and symbolism, and produces a sense ofbelonging and a territorial identity that is predominantly strong in somenations (Nogu and Vincente,2004). Landscapehas been described as a concept that is tremendously saturated with cultural and,above all, ideological implications (Peet, 1996). The landscape can be understoodas a dynamic code of symbols that speak of the culture of the past, present andmaybe also the future. The semiotic legibility of a landscape or the ease withwhich its symbols can be decoded, can be complex to a greater or lesser degree,but is always linked to the culture that produces the symbols (Nogu andVicente, 2004). The architectureof Barcelona has clearly evolved parallel with Catalan architecture. WithinCatalonia both physical and concrete cultural heritages have been usedrepeatedly in the past to justify and promote a culturally distinct peoples andregion (M ellon, 2008). The majority of this has taken place against the range of Catalonias intervention of its place within Spain and as anaspirant autonomous region. Espelt and Benito (2005) have argued that thisprocess of heritage outgrowth emerged during a period of national and culturalreawakening in the late nineteenth century, for example, the glamorizedphysical and visual appearance of Girona was successfully created. A similarprocess of reconstruction or re-edification took place in Barcelona. Thelandscape has changed dramatically over a period of time due to urbanreconstruction and autocratic politicss. Catalans aim was to have a differentlandscape to that of Spains and therefore modernization occurred. Modernizationis linked closely with urban aesthetics and beautification. Each leader set offto celebrate by political order by means of the building of urban andarchitectural settings with regards to embodying the ideology on which a newera is based and to label the political ach ievements and purposes of hisautocratic regime (Cavalcanti, 1997). The urbancharacteristics that exist in the city along with its tourist appeal are notpurely the result of the Modernist period or a recent dramatic transformation.In fact they are the result of an extensive and riotous historic evolution. Thefollowing are the most note-worthy landscapes within Barcelona. Each uphold aremarkable and significant history, and through decoding the landscape,visitors at these sites are able to find out more about the history of thearea.Parc de la CiutadellaPerhaps the most beautiful landscape of Barcelona can be found in Parc de la Ciutadella. After a seize which lasted thirteen months, Barcelona fell to the army of King Philips V throughout the war of the Spanish Succession. In order to keep secure control over the city of Barcelona, the Bourbon king built the biggest bulwark in Europe, a star-shaped citadel or Ciutadella. An enormous part of the Ribera region was destroyed in order to make room for this fortress. The neighbourhood was rebuilt thirty years later at another location as Barceloneta (authorSTREAM, 2017).BarcelonetaA distance from the inner city lies Barceloneta. This is deceptively called the Fishermens Quarter, an area which was in fact born as a result of a political, military decision. It was in this area that the inhabitants of La Ribera were repositioned when their own homes were destroyed to make way for the building of Felipe Vs fortress La Ciutadella. The four cubes represent the size of homes around this shanty area. This mark of remembrance is a significant example of Barcelona preserving its history for the future generations. This residential area is now a very attractive mix of traditional and modern washing can be seen hanging along narrow balconies, while nix and restaurants have developed the night life (, 2017). The Eternal FlameAnother important example of Barcelona preserving their history is the Eternal Flame. Lo cated on Fossar de les Moreres, it burns to commemorate those that died during the War of the Spanish Succession 1713-1714. It is a place that marks abundant symbolic importance where the mass of history takes centre stage. This monument stands as a reminder. It is of great meaning to the Catalans themselves. In the year 1989, it was the architect Carme Fiol who revealed the victims burial site by destroying the buildings that had stood there, and covered the whole ground with brick as red as the source that had been spilt. This is another prime example of the Catalans preserving their history for the future. MonumentalisationThe most earliestmonumentalisation of Barcelona in the introductory decades of the 20thcentury can be seen as a method designed to relocate the city as the capital ofthe region. The succeeding Modernista buildings of Domenech, Puig and Gaudi demonstratedthe uniquely Catalan architectural expressions of identity and aspiration.These extremely glamorized ninete enth and early twentieth century discoursesare now being displaced by more pragmatic agenda-led narratives that are beingused to justify and promote territorial conflicts where landscape and builtheritage are presented as ideological cornerstone (Breen et al., 2016). La Sagrada Familiahas been described by Hughes as Barcelonas Eiffel Tower. It is of extremeimportance to the people of Barcelona. Despite the re-imaging of the city, itstill is the emblem of Barcelona. Gaudis work, including the SagradaFamilia are all particularly resilientCatalan symbols as they were constructed during a period of great significancefor Catalonia, during which contemporary Catalan nationalist thought and praxiswas founded (, 2016).Perhaps the most outstanding part of the landscape in Barcelona is the Barcelona Gothic Quarter. The Barcelona Gothic Quarter was re-constructed in the twentieth century. Even though historic monuments, hypothetically, refer back to past eras, in many ca ses they were produced recently. In Barcelona, feudal buildings were restored in a gothic style, while other historic buildings and facades were travel stone-by-stone into the area and ordinary residential houses were removed and replaced by seemingly historic buildings. As a result, the new Gothic Quarter look as if it is a space which is completely medieval but was actually re-built between 1927 and 1970. This regeneration was meant both as an example of the invention of tradition in the context of Catalan nationalism and as a way to promote the city through remarkable historic monuments (Gant, 2013).Redevelopment in BarcelonaThe city ofBarcelona is an exceptional case study of many of the key themes of urbandevelopment and change. It has a large tertiary sector, its traditionalmanufacturing industries have been declining, and multinational investment hasbecome increasingly vital. The rapid development of Technical Parks forhigh-tech industry is a modern feature associated with th e growth of what isbecoming known as the European sun-rise belt, along the Mediterranean microscope slidebetween Valencia and Northern Italy. The motivation behindBarcelonas physical expansion has been the growth of the economy. Remainingfactories and workshops in the Poblenou district are being changed into a zonaof new technologies (, 2017). With some buildings notbeing in use, they appeared to be covered in graffiti, often expressing thepersons views towards the government. Political LandscapeLandscape resultsfrom the collective transformation of nature. It is the cultural translation ofa society on a particular portion of nature, and this translation is not onlymaterial, but also spiritual, ideological and symbolic. In this sense,landscape acts as a centre of meaning and symbolism, and creates a sense ofbelonging and a territorial identity that is particularly strong in somenations. It was proven from theobservations made throughout the field study that la ndscape, understood as thecultural prognosis of a society on a certain space, develops into a fundamentalelement in the creation process of a national identity, in our case the Catalanidentity, both in its late 19th century origins and in its present-day form (Nogu and Vicente, 2004).It has been notedthat the landscape of Catalonia was to play an important role in the buildingof Catalan nationalist ideology. At the summit of the nationalist Renaixenca,Catalonia was delicate to the new aesthetic and symbolic gratitude to landscape,especially mountainous landscape, which was sweeping the rest of Europe. Themountain therefore, became a key figure among Catalan nationalist symbols, partof the essential landscape (Nogu and Vincente, 2004).It has to be saidthat the dominant cultural symbols that are scattered throughout the city ofBarcelona are flags. But to the people of Barcelona, these are more than just aflag. These are representation of what they desire to remain a united countryor an independent Barcelona, a representation of whether they unavoidableness to remain inthe present or progress to a future where Barcelona becomes an independentstate from Spain. In Catalonia, the burning of a flag is seen as an law-breaking andoftentimes results in imprisonment.Overall, in the city of Barcelona, in terms of single flags displayed, the dominant symbol numerically was the Catalan flag. The Barcelona flag, though numerically second, nevertheless registered a significant presence. A considerable number of balconies displayed both, and the Olympic flag was often added, while a small n umber incorporated the Spanish flag as well. The distribution in the metropolitan area covering the total conurbation of about four and a half million people is more difficult to measure. In both the city and the studied area the nature of displays varied with the character of the district. Where Castillian was the predominant language, that is, in working-class barrios populated mostly by immigrants from the rest of Spain and where socialist sympathies were stronger, Barcelona flags tended to predominate, whereas in the more middle class districts like Gracia, nearer the centre, the flags were overwhelmingly Catalan, with a good proportion of these in this particular case being indepencia flags.Grievance drawThe 7 coregrievances that are included in the following diagram areGovernment PoliticsEconomic CrisisLanguageCultureIdentityMedia Grievance Core Diagram for Barcelona, it represents the main grievances of the city and it is clear that the most part of these are linked to the divide in political views amongst the people of BarcelonaQualitative SurveyThe first surveycarried out on the field work was a qualitative survey, which aimed toestablish what fraction of the population wanted independence and whatremaining number did not want independence, and whether or not they thoughtthat their country would recede to violence in order to achieve it. From thesurvey s carried out, 50.58% said yes and 41.27% said no. The remaining 8.14%were unsure.Social photographThe second surveythat was carried out was the social vulnerability survey, it was carried out tofind out what parts of the structure of Barcelona are under threat or at risk.This was completed under the following headingsSocialEconomic Environment Governance Future threats The aim of thesurvey was to establish what parts of Catalonias social structure was most atrisk.Social Vulnerability DiagramSummary of Findings from the Social Vulnerability SurveyFrom our analysisof the results from the survey, it was clear that there is a clear difficultywith governance within Catalonia. This can be explained by the struggle of thestate to receive legal and financial autonomy. Furthermore, it is clear fromthe diagram that socially, Barcelona is not at risk. It can be said that intimes of crisis, communities come together again as there is an obviousdecrease in social cohesion. It is evident from t he diagram that politics isthe most at risk, so it is essential that steps are taken so as not to increasethe vulnerability of the state, and to avoid all potential conflict triggers. The following is a list of potentialconflict triggers Further suppression ofidentity.A continuance in theunequal distribution of wealth.Negative perceptionsdisplayed through the Media.In terms of change magnitude social tension inCatalonia, it would be suggested thatThe government addresstheir financial issues and perhaps restructure their economy.Encourage the media tobecome more open minded so as not to create negative perceptions of Catalans.Currently the dialogueused within Catalonia is conflicted, it is suggested that they change thisdialogue, aiming it at resolution.Toconclude, the main hypothesis of this research was Catalonia will not resortto violence to achieve independence. From the research carried out over thefield study in Barcelona, it can certainly be said that they will not resort tov iolence. From our observations and surveys, it was evident that in the future,Catalonia will experience stability and will no longer experience pressure fromthe Spanish state over its own affairs. In my opinion, if it strengthens itsforeign affairs and strengthens its already growing economic output then itwill transform into a strong, viable state, one that does not need to resort toviolence to achieve independence. If Catalonia was to build upon its strengthas a separate part of Spain, perhaps in the future it will gain theindependence it has always been passionate about.Bibliography Anderson, B.(1983) in Breen, C., McDowell, S., Reid, G. and Forsythe, W. (2016). Heritageand separatism in Barcelona the case of El Born Cultural Centre. world(prenominal)journal of Heritage Studies, 22(6), pp.434-445.authorSTREAM.(2017). 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